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A leading manufacturer of tailor-made traction mats. The SMARTJUMP LITE is our independent jumping system. Electric underfloor heating mat and cable system with pressure sensitive construction for the fastest installation. The IMMS mats last longer than a conventional oak mat, so we charge less for daily rents. DURA-BASE composite mat systems are available to support drilling in remote areas where road access is restricted.

Offering our mat solutions:

Offering our mat solutions: This eliminates the need for off-shore certifications in terms of cost and lead-times. Every item is made with a unique blend of material, component and value-added option. The AMSĀ® range includes devices, material and finished goods engineered to run at the lowest possible temperature. No matter whether you need a stand-alone mat, a complete anti-slip top side kit, electrodesigns, on-site measurements, phone tech supports or start-up, we are able to meet your requirements.

One of our members of our engineering staff can help you on site by phone or worldwide. View an overview of finished Advanced Mat System work. Different sets of products have been developed specifically for each ship, each MODU, each land-based drill, each turret boom, etc. for a wide range of environmental conditions, climate zones, demands, certification, etc.

4-matt training system | NLP 4-matt system

The four square system: Developed by Bernice McCarthy ( and websites), the 4-Mat system aims to offer a better listening environment by taking into account each of the four favorite listening lifestyles. A group of students may have one of the four favorite study lifestyles. Taking into account the needs and specificities of each stylistic approach, the coach is able to access the entire group and conduct the course in a way that is suitable for everyone.

Each time you attend a course, you may have one or more of the following issues at the heart of your thinking: A 4-mat system provides an answer to each of these question, offering a full study environment and ensures maximal incorporation of the courseware. Learn, contextualize, generalize, identify, anchor, future speed.

The 4-Mat system is used in all our trainings. Are you interested in our NLP trainings? They can try out the NLP trainings by taking an introduction course in NLP with us in our NLP e-Learning Center.

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