Mater Cars

Matter Cars

Town Mater, better known as Mater, is one of the main characters in the Cars franchise. mater Cars for Cancer, South Brisbane, Queensland. The namesake of Mater is Douglas "Mater" Keever, whom the Cars team met while researching the film. Browse reports, news, maps, directions, and information about Tow Mater from the film cars in Galena, Kansas. Meet some of your favorite characters as they move around Radiator Springs!

Winn a Auto Online with Mater lotteries

Once every two month we give you a tempting grand prize and all you have to do to participate is buy your ticket now. Allow yourself a greater opportunity to drive away in your own car and buy three or more seats - you'll also be eligible for an extra raffle in which you could raffle a $5,000 per raffle price.

Those wishing to participate in any of the lotteries should also consider becoming a member of the Mater Cars for Cancer Club as well. Your Club Member Club subscription will include automatically participating in each Autolottery, as well as exclusively participating in the drawing to earn a $10,000 Gold Bullion and a $1,000 Petrol Coupon per week for eachoter!

Learn more about how VIP club members have even more chance to win by reading more here. Money collected by the Mater Cars for Carcer Lotus will be used to support Mater cancers. These resources will also enable Mater to remain at the cutting edge of research into cancers and to find ways to better detect and manage them.

With this precious money, Mater is continuing to help Australians cope with this terrible sickness. When you want to join in, you can learn more about the great work Mater is doing.

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