Mats for my car

Matting for my car

The My Car range offers a full range of car floor mats for most vehicles, whether they are carpets, rubber or a combination of both. Purchase car mats and get free quick next day delivery. A luxurious leather handle to increase the comfort of your feet, lighter and more durable material. Find out how to properly clean all types of car floor and boot mats. Learn how you can make your car safer with this clip from Good Housekeeping.

Doormats & boot mats - Mycar

My} offers a full line of car mats for most cars, whether they are carpets, rubbers or a mixture of both. We have a wide assortment of single, pair, 3-piece and 4-piece mats that can be bought either as a single unit or as a set.

We have them all - from the preservative rug or gum edition to a robust washdown mats. The majority of our mats are "trim to fit" IE versions: the elastic components of the matt can be readily adjusted or edited to provide a perfect fitting for each car. The mats are long-lasting, odorless, easy to clean, have a non-slip back and are usually suitable for most 4×4's and 4×4's vehicles.

Favourite colors are either gray or monochrome and mocca is available in some styles. My Car offers a series of metal mats with an aluminum look in a variety of colors from charcoal to violet or rose for the younger age. Matched trunk mats are also available in either pitched steel (black PVC) or metal (black, steel, green, blue, green, brown or red).

My Car mats come with a 2-year processing guarantee.

What is the best way to fit the mats in my car?

Their doormats are made specifically for your car models, so keep in mind if you need to change them, use only original Toyota parts for the best power, functionality and fitting. Foot mats have clip and lock to make sure they are correctly fitted and secure, preventing slippage or compaction.

Do not pile anything on your mats and do not turn them upside down. Wherever you have your car wiped clean or the mats are otherwise taken off, put them on the right side of the car and in the right notch. Fit the holes over the appropriate clip, make sure they are aligned with the plank and then rotate each padlock to securely hold it in place.

Exclusion of liability: This carpet is specifically developed for use in your car and should NOT be used in any other car. Never lay a ground cover on an available ground cover. All functions are not available for all cars and models.

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