Mat definition, a coarse fabric made of rushes, grass, straw, hemp or the like, used for floor coverings, packaging material, etc.. A tufted loop pile carpet entrance mat available in models for low to high traffic applications.


This is a cloth made of braided or braided rush, cane, strain, cannabis or similar fibre or any other supple textile, such as gum, used as a cover on a ground or other surfaces to clean footwear, etc.

Sport. the cushioned screen that covers the whole bottom of a ring to protect participants from injuries during throwing. a thick cushion that is placed on the bottom to protect cups and other gymnasts.

thick or thick and entangled material, such as fur or grass. a bag of mats, such as for coffe or sugars. a plate-shaped cement plate, especially for an whole structure. a heavier lattice armouring for a cement plate.

Bond ( used with object), mesh, mesh. to be covered with or as with mesh or mesh. to make a mesh, as by interlacing. Bond ( used without object), mesh, mesh, mesh. to be caught; making confused materials.

with a matt or glossless surface: a matt colour; a matt teint; a photo with a matt finishing. a matt or glossy mat face, often slightly rough, such as on metal, paints, paper oder glasses. a mould for making such a face.

Metalurgy. an immature metal element in the melting of certain sulphide salts, in particular Cu. Bond (used with an object), matted, matted, matted. to end with a matt finishing. a sheet of paperboard or other materials placed above or below a sketch, picture, photograph, etc..

to be used as a box or to form a box between the image and the box. Binding ( used with object), matting, matting, matting. to be matted ( one image).

Subjective, word mark, verbs, matted, matted. It falls to its knees and bends so deeply that its bow comes into contact with the mat. Matting was applied to the bottom and the sides and angles were lined with 1/2 inch wooden stripes. The bottom was lined with matting, painted amber, and then turned into a distinctive design using different colored springs.

Its place was on the edge of the city and was a shanty set made of dilapidated hay, mats and shelves.

There was also a kind of blanket, and several doorways opened into the hall. "Leaf from carrier material", 1845, from Matte "matte interface or surface" (15c.), substantive Use of Old France Matte (adj.); see Matte (adj.). v. Anfang 15c. B.

Matt ; Matt . n. "Picture carrier", 1845, from French; see matt (n.2). n. Variation of matt (n.2). loose bonded nature material as bed linen, etc.

Old English mats, from the Latino mate " mate made of pushes " (4c.), probably from Punic or Phoenician mate (see Jewish) mate " mate, sofa ").

Roman is also the origin of the English term mats, mattes; Netherlands term mats, Italians term mats. This is a Latino alternative shape of the napkin (see napkin). adj.

1640','dull, dull' (colour or surface), off white mats ''dull, blind surface'', off old white mats ''depressed, dried up, infested, depressed'';

blunt ", this is perhaps from the Lateinic matus "maudlin with drink", from matere "to be damp or soaked, to be drunk", from PIE roots *mad- "to be damp, to drip" (see pole (n.

Alternatively, the franc written could depict a transmitted use from the matter check of "set to chequered, defeat" from Arabian (see Matt (V.2)). see Go to Matt; Welcome Mats.

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