Mix a Tile Carpet

Mixing a tile carpet

Polyester/nylon blend for private or light commercial use. It should be possible for a house to flow effortlessly without being too bland and inappropriate. They even last longer than carpets, even if they are used in heavily frequented areas. Teppichfliesen let you also be creative. Make a mix and a match of the tiles.

Match 'n Mix carpet tiles

An extensive selection of our stored carpet tile is now available in a range of different colors and designs that can be bought in palette size at discounted rates. This premium carpet tile can be used in a host of fanciful designs and fashions and offers a breathtaking function for your area.

The Mix'n Match tile range varies from fine grey tones to colorful brightness and is available in a mix of color block, subtle complementary design or distinctive design nozzle pattern, making it an appealing choice for a wide range of install size and lower costs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or your agent or carpet dealer for further information and Mix'nMake your approriate to your next floorsingolution.

Notice: Mix'n Match inventory may change according to available stock.

Ultimate Mix and Match Flooring Instructions

As the Australian Open is in full progress, we have produced the definitive Matchguide to help you integrate more than one floor covering into your home in style. So with these easy hints you can choose to play, complete and play on a perfect mix of floors. You don't have to limit yourself to a single piece of materials when selecting a floor covering for your home.

Smart blends of wood, tile and carpet can be an efficient way to build different areas within an open room to ensure you have a functioning floor covering in every room or give your home a sound amount of designer character. Rigid materials such as tile, wood, vinyls or laminate are perfect for busy areas such as your corridor or your home sofa.

Your lounge or bed room is more adapted to the soft heat of the carpet. Select your pallet. Maintaining the same color range makes the changes in your vinyl floor more smooth as the eyes are not disturbed by a color shift from one room to another.

Mixture floors are designed for open spaces. You can use for example tile in the Kitchen, wooden floors in the eating area and carpets or a carpet in your home. Choosing too many different types of material makes your floor look "busy" and loses a uniform look that will define a good room layout.

Instead, you should look for just a few things - three at most - and make a piece that is attractive, practical and fits your life style. Exactly like the trendyista who combines a fashionable robe with stunning high street accessoires, seasoned house owners are smart about how to combine floor coverings to fit their budgets.

lantino Laminate is a low priced floor covering system in combination with Roswell carpet. Add a colorful accent to Plantino Native Blackbutt wood floors with the Oscar Graphics Carpet.

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