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Contemporary carpet tiles

Instagram . ege carpet tiles are ideal for use in modern office environments. The latest carpet tile Dublin is a sophisticated and ultra-modern carpet tile that is perfect for high traffic areas. The Nexus self-adhesive carpet tiles are a quick way to enhance your space with a modern look on old school carpets. At Paragon, we produce and sell industry-leading modern and design-oriented carpet tiles manufactured in Europe's most environmentally friendly low-carbon tile factory.

Every object we collect and love gives us a modern meaning.

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Carpet tiles from egge are particularly suited for use in modern offices. Teppichfliesen are a particularly versatile carpet system that allows very simple entry to the underlying area. That means engineers can get ready instant exposure to underground cable, which is especially important in rooms where requirements are changing all the time. carpet tiles are simple to use and simple to install and install because they are lighter than traditional carpet tiles.

These light tiles make things much simpler for the installer, whose working environment is better so as not to have to raise large carpet-rollers. In spite of their low mass, carpet tiles are easily processed because they have a sturdy fabric backing.

Teppichfliesen | National floor covering distribution partners

The latest carpet tiles Dublin is a challenging and ultra-modern carpet tiles that is perfectly suited for high frequented areas. Connect is a durable carpet tiles with an elegantly styled look, ideal for any type of workspace. The National Flooring Distributors have chosen 3 personal trendy colors to make every room look classy.

The Arizona carpet tiles are classy, long-lasting and above all can be used in many ways. Arizona's colours are bright and lively and are guaranteed to go well with any decor.

The First Blocks is a modern sling carpet tiles in geometrical designs.

A chipping of the "old block" with 51% recyclable structure and ethical back. Modern geometrical designs, this modern geometrical style uses subtile hues and casual blocks to suit the modern workspace and those who favour something as visual inspiring as hardwearing and practical. By the end of the lifetime, after being cleaned, carpet tiles can be reused in non-critical areas to prolong the life:

Teppichfliesen can be used as backings for new carpet tiles in our backup2back-programme. Partner Modulyss®/Vanheede Environment Group, in which carpet tiles are transformed into alternative fuels to significantly lower CO2 emission. Mineral resources are recovered from the carpet tiles and processed into materials for the concrete manufacturing industries, which is 50% equivalent to the Modulyss® carpet tile cycle.

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