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Any McGee & Co. Doormat is designed by the Studio McGee team themselves. Contemporary doormat for contemporary entrance areas. Modern Hanson Landscape Contemporary Doormat. Modern Doormat Obscure Dimension Modern Doormat Rubber Cal's "Obscure Dimension" Modern Doormat is an eye-catching addition to any front door!

Heymat's modern doormat I could get over with.

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More Aztec Graphic Outdoor Doormat - Celebrate your cultural heritage and enrich your room with the Home & More Aztec Graphic Outdoor Doormat. Wonderful pad with a powerful Aztec style design. Buy Kosas Home from AllModern for a modern range and the best prices. Take a look at Kosas Home at AllModern. Welcome your patrons with a doormat that is as classy as it is powerful.

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Moderne & elegant coconut mat welcome mat

Here this could be the doormat of a brewer who persuades visitors to come with calming, foamy presents. Who can blame it when beers are the best thing the gems bind together. Our coconut matting is manufactured in an ecologically sound and sustainably way. It has a rubber finish and a non-skid backing that provides security and durability.

This coconut floor mat is very slip-resistant, dirt-repellent, rot- and mildew-resistant. Kokosmatten are available in 18" x 30" format and are very simple to use.

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Ideal for a wide range of decorative lifestyles, our rugs are attractive, dirt-repellent, protective of the desk, have a wide range of geometrical designs, embellish your living space; as the carpet is shipped around the world, the lead times are 15 to 25 workdays. In case you do not get the item within 30 workingdays please get in touch with us in good times, we will resolve it as soon as possible; due to lighting, display and viewing angles some colour variations may appear.

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