Modular Carpet Squares

Carpet modular squares

It is the carpet you see in most carpet stores. Creased carpet tiles are discounted interior and exterior tiles that are very easy to install. As a rule, carpet tiles consist of glued carpet. The modular carpet tiles are large carpet fields coated with vinyl. The FLOR Modular Carpet Tile.

Carpet Fashion-to-Ca-Floor Modular Carpet.

3D modular carpet tiles

If the floor covering needs to be replaced, just raise and lower the carpet tile and place the new tile over the available Acfast tile. Some of the characteristics of the Tracfast® system are: What does the Tracfast® system do? There is no need for particular assembly knowledge, as the smart system of connecting boards is very simple to use.

You can even lay your own tiles over your own floors with Tacfast®. It is a range of mature, intermeshing panels made of synthetic material, which can be connected by means of lock washers. Please click here to view the pdf data sheets of Tacfast®.

Assistive Technology Australia - Interface Flor Modular Carpet Tiles

Shorn, modular carpet tufts from the Interface Red Carpet Collection. Shorn, modular carpet tufts from the Interface Red Carpet Collection. With the purchase of a medicine product it is wise to select only a medicine product, which is empfohlen by a physician and was taken up into the ARTG.

Although every effort is made to ensure that the information described is correct, the Independent Living Centre New South Wales (ILCNSW), which operates as Assistive Technology Australia, is not engaged in designing or manufacturing products and is therefore unable to warrant the correctness of the information provided.

The choice of appropriate as well as personal choice gear is the sole responsability of the person(s) considering the request and the ILCNSW (Assistive Technology Australia) accepts no liability for any losses or injuries arising from the use of the gear or allegedly resulting from relying on the information provided.

Flior Modular Carpet Design Squares

Flior designed and created 50 cm (19.7 inches) large carpet areas of lovely smoothness in a variety of colours, texts and style. Our unique system of carpet squares can be configurated in any form and dimension to produce individual carpets, carpet runs or wall-to-wall layouts that are unique, attractive, easily adjustable and more accountable than traditional flooring.

Every sqare is 19.7 x 19.7 x 1/2?-1/4?, size according to model, cost per box (set of 4 squares ) $10-$28 per sqare according to model. Seasonal update stores - fast changing stock. Cutting-edge individual carpet - infinite designs to suit your most imaginative or consumer needs. Check available designs or order!

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