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Carpet modular floor covering

Give us a call to get the best commercial carpet tiles and residential floors. No matter if garage floor or carpet tiles - we have the perfect floor for you. The Coal Field Flooring in Madisonville, KY | Eddyville, has a top selection of Patcraft carpets, including Dart Modular Painted Lady in. Explore our large collection of different types of carpets and choose the one that works best. The Luminous Carpets combine Philips Lighting LED technology with a robust but luxurious DESSO carpet.

Module Flooring - Browse the latest Carpet Court Vinyl Living Line!

For what is the Modular Living Vinyl line best suited? Modular Living Vinyl was developed for true home based lifestyle, which is reflected in the products. Which is the source of the Modular Vinyl series? Being flooring pros, we know how important it is to choose a surface that can withstand daily use, especially in high frequency areas.

Assortments such as the Modular Living Plus line have been developed to encourage inspiration to try out a new look in their room for a basic but efficient home decoration. There are a number of choices tailored to a variety of lifestyles, budget and needs. And what distinguishes Modular Living Vinyl floor coverings?

Modular Living is available in a variety of eye-catching colors to give your room immediate elegance and a feeling ofuxury. The Modular Living flooring is a cutting-edge flooring novelty that looks like genuine Blackbutt, genuine Eich, and genuine Stain Rubber, but works much, much better.

Manufactured from versatile, high performing vinyls, each board is equipped with two thick glass fibre sheets for unbelievable dimensional control. This kind of resilience in your flooring gives you the assurance that your Modular Living flooring will not contract, stretch or move. Naturally designed, it is imprinted on high definition vinyls and does not deteriorate unlike genuine wood.

Strong wearing properties and an extreme hard wearing finish that is spot and scrape proof, make this a tough series. The Modular Living Vinyl floor coverings are low-maintenance, worth living and visually appealing. And what are the key characteristics of this series? Offering a breathtaking replica of genuine Blackbutt, Blackbutt, Walnut and Dotted Chewing Rubber, this breathtaking line is manufactured in your home for a small part of the price of the genuine product.

Modular Living Vinyl flooring is available in 8 wonderful colours, suitable for any living lifestyle, whether classic or new. The Coastal Blackbutt and Murray River spotted gum are beautifully abundant and hot in color, bringing your soil to live with their naturally looking appearance. When you like a more drastic feeling, think of black floor coverings like the Gunmetal Oak.

What makes you think I should go for vinyls? Considering its longevity, flexibility and affordable price, it's no wonder that vinyls are experiencing a revival and are a popular flooring choice for price-conscious refurbishers. It' s extremely quick to install, quick to service and can be fitted in any room of the home.

It is also one of the few floors that can be laid seamlessly in bathroom, laundry and kitchen. When you or your kids want to run around the home walking around in bare feet both indoors and outdoors, a vinylic carpet is the ideal choice as it not only feels nice and cosy but is also a smooth walking area.

The Modular Living floors also insulate against sound and offer insulation so that they are perfect for second floors, large rooms and perfect for entertainment canteens.

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