Monogram area Rug

Carpets monogram area

Monogram area rug Collection offers an affordable selection of contemporary styling. The monogram shows a mixture of natural mocha colour. The blanket is currently not available. Change our monogram design as you wish! Join the celebration of your family's namesake with your own monogrammed carpet.

152cm x 230cm Monogram Carpets Area Carpets 152cm x 230cm Light Woven Carpets

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Brown, tan, beige. Basic color is tan.

Monogrammed area carpet - 5'x8' (personalized)

What are you, a monogramm-a-holic? Then this is the right thing for you. Your monogram in a fat -printed Koralle stands with a subtly mintgreen Ikat underground in the centre. Allow us to imbue your possession with this valuable piece of work! Like always with you customizeIt, you can modify everything in this theme (patterns, colours, graphs, etc.) for free.

We have a wide range of choices to select from in our theme collection, or you can submit your own. At any time you can speak / chats with our designers. Areas carpets give colour and heat to every room in your home, so make an individual Area carpet that matches your own individual styling and matches it with the colours in your home.

Personalize it with a monogram, initials, name or a mix of these - the option is yours. The carpets in our special range are velvety-soft and sleek, with a shorter nap, beautifully round and stitched edges and the hard-wearing black, non-slip back. Area carpets are available in various dimensions; the smallest is 48 "x30" or 4'x2.5'.

The ceiling is ideal for the entrance area or even for a large bath. Mean 5'x4' format is ideal for a large entrance area, talk area or even under the couch. The biggest of our 8'x5' area carpets is ideal for the lounge or even a dinning room.

There is also a co-ordinating carpet runner - 3.66'x8' and it is ideal for corridors, galleys or any long and cramped area. Make your rug exactly the way you want it! Select the flawless backdrop, the flawless graphics, the flawless text, and more! In particular, with these items you can make them vertical or horizontal, according to your preference.

No matter what you pick, let us know if you have any issues. We have coordinated decorations for your wall, cushions for your sofas and beds, individual blinds and flounces for your window.

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