Monogram Mat

Blanket Monogram

Door mat rubber frame and flocked monogram letter inserts. Simple DIY instructions for making a monogrammed welcome mat. Welcome your guests outside your front door with this simple monogram welcome mat project. Making a monogram floor mat. A monogram can give your home a simple but classic look.

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Monogramm coconut fibre door mat

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Monogramm Welcome Mat - Distelfarm - Thistlewood Farm

Recently, I made a monogrammed welcome mat. and I was crying. and the first installment of the new Duck Dynasty series. Crying when she stood up and hold his wrist. Crying when she glanced at him with a cheeky little grin and said she would always like him.

So when...he was standing big and moustached and stoic...and telling her he was in love with her right in the back...I was crying and crying and crying and crying. Only two common, easy, everyday men who boiled and called ducks and spent half a hundred years living and loving together. I' ve got the old Baskerville-style letter prints out.

Get in front of the first installment of the new squadron of duck dynasty. Trim the characters and leave a contour behind. Place a line of duct tape around the edges. Place another line of duct tape approximately one in. or two centimeters inside. Attempt to estimate the proper band gap through the cracks.

Put the characters in the middle of the mat and stick them down entirely with duct tape, leaving only the parts to be sprayed. Hint number two: Do not spraying the color diagonally...spray the color directly so that it does not splash under the contour of the characters.

Hint number three: Do not overspray in one area. So when I was wiping away my tears and Jace wanted to go fish in the midst of the wedding......and I took the new monogram welcome mat with me to the back veranda of the gatehouse....two thoughts kept turning around in my head..............

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