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Include a monogram for a more personal look. When you want to create a classic and tasteful atmosphere to your home before you even go inside, then this is the Monogram door mat for you. Site not available in your area For our esteemed clients, we deplore the fact that, due to the technological challenge posed by new European legislation, we can no longer take orders from the European Union for the moment. You can still order from our UK West Elm website at www.westelm. if you live in the UK.

Questions of consumers protection and consumers protection are at the forefront of our trademarks and we will keep working to make our product available to you. It' s difficult to forecast the speed of world regulatory change, but we have the ultimate aim of offering our product everywhere.

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Return shipments will be processed within 30 working days of delivery. Return: Return shipments will be processed within 30 workingdays after delivery. Made of 100% coconut fibre, the thick and hard-wearing floor mat personalises your entrance area and is conceived to resist strong vehicular use. Mechanically produced synthetic outer carpets have of course abrasion resistant coconut fibres which help to remove debris from the floor.

The pictures shown by us have as exact a colouring as possible. We cannot be held liable for colour discrepancies between the real monitor and your monitor due to computer monitor discrepancies. In some cases, please be aware that pattern and colour may differ depending on your shoe sizes. Length and width may differ from specified sizes.

Whilst we will do our best to give you an exact reading, please note that there are some variations and this is not a fabrication fault.

Monogram Doormat - That's what {Che} said.....

Create a tailor-made floor mat with just a few accessories for a small part of the costs of those in the big boxes! The best part is that your DIY Monogram floor mat can look the way your hearts want it to! "Aren't they just gonna be wiping their hands on it?" Anyway... I needed a new floor mat for the front room as well.

Michael is right, folks are just gonna sweep their legs on it, so I didn't want to waste a single penny! Clear outlines, colours I wanted. Prior to having my new Cameo?, which I hand-cut from vinyls to show you how to use vinyls without a editor?

So I put down the silk and put in some black acrylic color. As you walk around the edge, be sure to keep the scrubber vertical to the mat, not at an angel. Want clear outlines. Keeping it at an angled position will get color under the vinyls and your line will be mess.

Let the ink drip a little and then remove the vinyls! Filthy silhouette of the floor mat and the former owner's pencil Apple and the characters T! So, a marvelous, personalised floor mat for under $10!

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