Monogrammed Pool Mat

Pool mat with monogram

Pool mat becomes personal. This initially monogrammed mat, which was designed with the look of a tiled mosaic, gives your exterior a personal touch. Customized pool medallion, non-adhesive pool sticker. I' ve got this and it looks like a mosaic tile in my pool! Keep your swimsuit floor next to the pool dry or keep your ''loot'' on the beach dry with our neoprene mat.

Pool mat with monogram

The look of this mat was really great and I was thrilled to try it on our pool. This mat was delivered to us last Tuesday and we put it in our pool last Tuesday. On Friday mornings there were big scrapes on the whole mat and the paint had already begun to fade around the corners.

It was placed in the low end of the pool, not flat, used, lightly vacuumed and ensured that the pool chemical was in balance. n The fact is that no one had swum in the pool for the first one and a half days, it was in there.

Hopefully this was a faulty article and I can get a good working but still visible one.

Swimming Mats Custom PoolArt Swimming PoolArt

The PoolMats? are simple to set up, keep for years and imitate the look of costly PoolArt for a split of the cost. Installing it is child's play as you just place the PoolMat on the pool floor and let it drop to the bottom of your pool. It' s own mass holds the swim PoolArt at its place and can be taken away nevertheless light.

With 47 " these PoolMats are sure that they will give your underground pool an impressing blow.

Pool mats with monogrammes

Keep your swimsuit floor next to the pool protected or keep your prey clean on the shore with our wetsuit mat. These are great presents and especially with an additional one. The dispatch of articles takes place only after receipt of payment and account. If you order more than one item, delivery is always done in combination.

Order everything at once and see all the monogram detail in the Cash Register Memos section. ***When you need quicker delivery, verify and make sure that this is possible and purchase the additional delivery charges. We are not liable for delivery delay caused by the post office.

Because I make sure the articles are sent on schedule, I have no check after they have left my hand. Faulty articles are substituted by an accurate reproduction of the first article. And if you have any specific wishes or ideas, please let me know.

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