Mouse Mat Printing


Make a personalized photo mouse mat for this special person. Design the perfect accessory for your home or office with our personalized mouse pad. Get your mouse pad today. We all love the cloth mouse pad. Individual giant mouse pads with your private picture on the matt surface.

Mouse pad deluxe - Harvey Norman photos

Give your workplace some personality with your own pictures printed on a deluxe mouse pad or other custom stationary. Or you can order and design your clothes and accessoires from your Harvey Norman shop. Deliveries to the warehouse are free of cost. Australia home or business deliveries will be charged at $6.95 for the first and $1.95 for each other.

Check all shipping information here.

Advertising mouse mats and pads for mice

If you are dealing with mouse matters, you are dealing with mouse mat professionals. We' ve been specializing in mouse matting for over 15 years - that's why we are so good at what we do! More than just a mouse mat vendor, MausMatters is your partner. We are full of inspiration for the use of mouse patches in advertising campaigns.

Our company specialises in the manufacture of top-grade mouse and bar mouse pods, saucers and bar counters for the Australia and international markets. So you want to know why you should select mousepads as your next promotion article? Mousepads are cheap enough to distribute, and they are an effective use of your funds in your marketing budgets.

After all, mouse pads are functionally made. The majority of consumers forgot to consider that the storage of advertising articles can take up a great deal of time. Since mouse pads are thin and versatile, they can be placed in less storage room than would be required for e.g. a cup or two. Don't be afraid of loosing your cash because you drop a pack of mouse pads and they break.

Mausmatten work for almost everyone. A mouse pad can be supplied if you want to make a hamper for your staff during the holiday season. When you want a giveaway that can be awarded to customers who open new account, mouse pads are a great present and can readily be integrated into informationkits.

In fact, mouse pads are inexpensive and small enough to give away for free at meetings such as conventions and fairs. Mouse pads are just your imagination's limit. The colors you can select, the designs, there are even different forms to select from. Well, you know how to make your company look good.

So call us and let us use mouse pads for your company today!

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