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Over a month ago, I ordered car carpets as a Christmas present. The FitMyCar has accepted my payment and I have nothing to show. Q: How can I make sure that my rubber floor mat fits in my car? And to answer the question that I know you think, yes, those are really my car mats. I' m disgusting after seeing the doormats in my minivan.

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Our car rugs are tailor-made to suit your make and your style. Our speciality is the delivery of high class car mats, which are produced according to an extraordinary high level of craftsmanship. For all our mats, our main assortment included, we use automobile mats. Practically without exceptions, our designs are the same as those in real OE mats.

Handcrafted with a selection of high grade synthetics trim. Carpeting and rubbers are available in all types of material and are easily cleaned. Rugs are all automotive standard and have a non-slip backing.

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Buy a fitmy car dash pad just to find out that if I buy the fitmy car wash from their shop on iBay, I would save myself $10. A great top of the range item. Porto was a little sluggish, but considering the season (Christmas) and the costs (free) I was glad to be waiting. More than a months ago I ordered car carpets as a Christmas present.

Your client service is in Australia (terrible timezone to work with here in the States) and they are practically non-existent to work with. The mats were initially ordered on 3 December, but I changed the order within a few workingdays. I ordered two dashboard mats. I sent them a picture with the right Dashmat when I made the buy.

Buying front doormats and a dashboard for my brand-new car. But I was fortunate enough to have the right car to fit the bindings on the mats. Even the lead times were great. Quite good for Christmastide.

Poor client services. 30 novembre erhalte ich eine E-Mail mit der Aufschrift Désolé pour le retard mais l'article est en rupture de l'inventaire mais il doit être réapprovisionné la semaine prochaine et je vais recevoir un l'e-mail dès qu'il est envoyé. It' not the way you run a company, I'm running and living marginally William in Anuckland, I order 9/11, for a 2018 edition version of my car, a dashboard sleeve and on 23/11 I haven't received my package yet.

At the website you say 3 day shipping, and on the Australian postal track they received the package only 19 Nov. I think you are. t serious about your shipping date and that is my mind. It will be the first and last times that I. After 3 month of having owned a kit of car rims for my 2015 Ford MD Mondeo car I have taken the mats off to suck the car.

There are two separate parts for the synthetic loop that keeps the driver's seat cover on the ground in the rug via the OEM synthetic plug. I couldn't compress it because it was probably compressed with a bit of tools during installation and was afraid that I would snap and fracture the loop/clip. I put the pad back in the car and fortunately it is kept together by the synthetic button.

I ordered a dashboard pad. I somehow didn't get the right one, so after sending an e-mail to Malik I sent the article back and got the right one. Hello, on November 7 I spent $99 on my Hyundai Santa Fe mats, but since I got all the shipment and shipment information.

Just received a response to your e-mail from our support staff. Through the website, I approached them to make a request for a specific item that I wanted to buy, to see if it would meet the exact needs of my car (car seats with the possibility of using the back armrest).

There was no answer and I chose to buy because the images showed exactly what I wanted. Shipment time was 5-7 working days. Unfortunately, two and a half day later I got the shipment and it was not accurate. Next, I phoned customer service to tell them that the item I got was not as shown.

I talked to a guy who said that he would call the vendor and see if they could get the item I was after, and he would mail me a receipt, which he did. A few a few hour later he phoned me back to say they didn't have the item I needed in store.

Showing the right product would help the customer safe a great deal of valuable information, or perhaps a more obvious alert on the photograph that what is shown is not what you will receive. In addition, I got a notice from Australia Post that I have retrieved the product as well.

Waiting 24hrs before I called to do my check-in, I talked again to the support staff, who were quite shy. There was another guy I was talking to this times, but I would have thought she might ask for my order number or some detail to give me some kind of customization.

Rather, all I got was "all the articles given back are being edited today, so you might get something later". I ordered a dash pad for my Nissan XTrail 2018, a great item and a perfect fit. It was a great experience from order placement through online ordering to shipment. When I ordered online and got my own dash mats, I realized I had ordered the fake one.

Thanks Malik for keeping in contact with me, from the return of the article to the arrival. Superior Achievement. My return and exchange services with the correct envelope sizes were outstanding. The website is simple to browse and the lead times are just right. The period from order to receipt of goods (in Brisbane) was a little over a whole week. 7,000 people were involved in the project.

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