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Launch a logo design competition now and receive your entries within a few hours. There are thousands of talented logo designers from all over the world ready to work on your logo. In this article you will find the following information about printing logos on shipping labels: Is open source to allow anyone else to use my name and logo? Your logo can be placed at the top of the form.


"I' ve wanted to fix my logo for quite some quality and therefore decide to look for a logo-business. While I really liked my initial logo (when I made it myself and it seemed to attract people's attention), it definitely needed an update. "I' ve tried a few different websites for logo creation and just got disappointed.

This time it sounded cheesy, but truthful, until I ended up on this page, my logo that made the day didn't go well.


Select from 70 to 600+ individual logo styles from creatives around the globe. More than 20,000 hand-picked logo creators from all over the globe are ready to design your new logo. You get industry-standard video data that can be used for any website, T-shirt, mug, card, etc. use.

Launch a logo competition now for only 200 Euro. Get a committed designer you can call or e-mail at any convenient moment to assist you and respond to all your queries. Get a money-back guarantee. Unless your logo competition receives at least 40 logo designs, we will reimburse your deposit.

More than 30,000 companies have entrusted us with their logo.

What makes my logo look "blurred"?

Have you ever had your visiting card imprinted and they came back 'blurred' or 'dirty' and looked around your logo? Have you seen your website lately and think your logo looks a little blurry? Now, you may need eyeglasses OR you are not using the right versions of your logo. If your logo (or any graphical artwork ) is generated, there are only two ways to do this:

Vektor or halftone. Within the graphics industry, a video picture is produced using advanced tools such as Adobe Illustrator. Which is a halftone picture? Halftone images consist of a set of small square dots ( "pixels") that are merged in a halftone to form an individual picture.

When using halftone, the more pixel per inches ( PPI ), the better the picture will be. Halftone images can lose a lot of resolution, and up and down scale can be a challenge. Usually a video of your logo is delivered as . eps (acronym for Encapsulated Post Script). A. eps is the industrial benchmark for commercial printing.

If you do not have a copy of Adobe Illustrator, you cannot open this document yourself. Usually the . esps is used to give it to other graphic designers, printer, label makers, uniformstickers, packing vendors, anything that is going to be manufactured physical would need a . esps for a clear outcome.

As a rule, a grid of your logo is delivered as . jumpeg (acronym for Join Photographic Experts Group, which you don't need to know, by the way). A. ipeg is used for all other things that are on the monitor. You can print a . peg of the logo, but the image is not as sharp as a .eps.

Open, display, and use a gpg data type without using specialized tools. The core of it is therefore Vektor (. eps) = Drucken, Grid (. jpeg) = Bildschirm. This is because anyone who has designed your visiting card, leaflet or booklet would have used a logo label. jumpeg of your logo.

Part of the explanation is that they may be underqualified and think that this is a common practise, the other might be that you couldn't deliver your logo as a . eg because you only have a . egge version. This is because the person who placed the logo on your website has had to resize and resize the logo several times, progressively reducing the pixel image or delivering it with a very low pixel density. It' s a logo that can' t work with and it' s a logo that can' t be used.

Ensure that your logo is provided to you by your graphics designers in . eg and . peg formats. This is something every graphics artist will know and should be a part of. Unless you have received a simple Styleguide along with your logo, ask your graphics artist to provide one.

When you have visiting card, brochure, flyer, etc. to write, always use a professionally-priced one. Verify again if your graphics artist is creating something for printing in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. Once it turns out that you are creating for printing in Photoshop, it may be a good idea to find a new graphics artist.

Let a freelance graphics artist handle all your printing and silkscreen materials for you. In this way you can guarantee consistency and always look professionally. Would you like to verify if you have a Vektor. versions of your logo? Just send us your logo by e-mail and we will carry out the checks for you immediately.

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