Natural Carpet


Natural Formation's collection features a structured loop pile that minimizes tracking and footprints. The Seagrass is a smooth, antistatic carpet made from purely natural plant fibres. The ITC offers a beautiful selection of hand woven carpets made from various natural materials for all interiors! Natural Tweed reflects the colours of nature and offers an inspiring selection of strong, modern colours to refresh and enrich any room. Keeping your home cleaner, healthier and more attractive with our natural, safe and thorough cleaning methods for your carpets and rugs.

Carpet Court with natural carpet formations

Which are the main features of a woollen carpet? Manufactured from natural fibers, the Gaia Wood Natural Formation carpet provides a number of unique features. Woollen provides excellent spot resistant, which means that in many cases of debris or stains the spot will stay on the top of the fabric instead of leaking into the fibers.

It makes cleaning easy and keeps your rugs cleaner for longer periods of use. Natural Formation's range includes a structured sling pole that minimizes footprint and track. Makes this carpet long-lasting and ideal for high audience areas. The look and feeling of the Gaia wool natural formation line is beautifully enhanced by woollen fibers that provide a smooth, luxury feeling.

When buying a woollen carpet, what do I have to consider? Please consult your Carpet Court Retail Centre for a quotation or ask for a quotation above and one of our staff will be pleased to assist you. Due to the extraordinary dirt-repellent qualities of your Gaiawool Natural Formation carpet, care is relatively simple.

Immediately remove spilled areas or stains with a damp towel, hot tap and a suitable woolen detergent. They can also prolong the life of your carpet by positioning carpets in high-traffic areas such as entrance areas and limit the impact of light, straight light on the carpet by shutting blinds or drapes on particularly hot day.

Which colors are available in the Gaia Wool Natural Formations series? Inspired by some of Australia's most important natural monuments, from the polychrome sand of wave rock to the moss green of hanging rock, the Gaia Wool Natural Formations range is the perfect way to add the exterior to your home.

Carpet Court provides a free measurement and quotation process for an exact quotation, where we can take your area measurements and give a total cost of the carpet you have used. Call your nearest Carpet Court Retail Centre or ask for your free action and quotation above. To see more rugs.

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