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Nautical mats & door mats online kaufen! Due to the synonymity of the terms, beach mats are called Cape Cod mats. When you love a lot, you will love the offers for nautical floor mats in this new year! In addition, we have just launched our new ColorWave Nautical Rope Floor Mats that feature a vibrant double weave. Explore our wide selection and variety of nautical welcome door mats, nautical floor mats, coconut fibre mats and personalised mats for home, boat or beach house.

Nautical door mats for outdoor use

Ranked 5 out of 5 in the world. Four overall voices. The Nautical Welcome Coco Mats welcomes your guests and shows your passion for the seas. Manufactured from naturally occurring cotton nut material extracted from the external shell of the cotton nut, these floor mats are long lasting enough to resist the harsh conditions and last long.

This coconut mat is easily cleaned and comes with a synthetic backing. Width: 18'' Overall length: 30'' Nominal 5 of 5 star. In 1966 overall voices. This weatherproof floor mat receives visitors and keeps away soiling. Made from 100% coconut fibre - a long-lasting fibre that cleanly scratches the soles of shoes - this delightful piece features the words "hello" in lower-case letters in a decorated ring.

Ranked 4. 5 out of 5 stars. Altogether 547 voices. This weatherproof floor mat receives visitors and keeps away soiling. Manufactured from Kokosnuss, a naturally made shell of Kokosnuss, it is simple to remove the soil and then soak. Altitude: 1. 5'' Welcome board mat!

The Nautical Doormatt provides a colourful complement to the front of your home. Offering breathtaking works of art, eco-friendly fabrics and excellent scrape performance, these cooling doormats are perfect for your home! Contemporary entrance control panel with one tractor that chugs over the top, in combination with a colour schemes of green, orange and green. Total height: 0. 63'' Total width: 18'' Total length: 30'' This striated interior and exterior style captivates with its nautical allure.

All of the simplicity of the strip edifice is captivated by the elaborate details with the different widths of the individual stripes. Rubberized on the back of the pad to prevent the pad from sliding on a flat surface. Width: 18'' Overall length: 27'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. 1,204 overall voices.

Welcome the visitors before you even get to the front doors with this magnificent floor mat that is designed to be visible to everyone. Sprinkled with the words "hello", this coconut fiber finish has a vinylic backing for a weatherproof and outdoor grade structure. Ranked 5 out of 5 in the world.

One vote in all. This nautical Feentür is the ideal entry to every Feenstrandhaus. It seems as if this enchanting fairytale entry to her sea front refuge is left to weather as if it were made of flotsam or years of salty years. Ranked 4. 5 out of 5.

All in all 255 voices. With the decoration of your house it is always regarded as down if something is trendy and functionally - like for example this mats! This mat made of rubber is a quick-drying agent that leaves behind dust on the doors. Featuring a square shape and a stripe design at the sides, it offers the guest a classy place to pedal and leaves a good first impact.

Ranked 4. 5 out of 5 Stars. All in all 548 voices. This floor mat captures natural surroundings before it moves to your newly cleaned floor. Manufactured in the USA, it is made of crush-, fade- and shape-resistant Polypropylen with non-slip back and flat styling - at only 0.25'' height - which sits under most swing door.

Altitude: 0. 25'' Rating 4. 5 out of 5 Asterisks. Ten overall voices. Make your entrance, veranda or decks feel welcome with a delightful doormat for greetings outdoors. Elegant pad made of environmentally safe coconut fibre fabric, this thick, high grade fabric is characterised by its thick and durable design and durability.

Altitude: 0.5'' Rating 5 out of 5 Asterisks. All in all, 218 ballots. Greet your guest in your modest apartment with a touch of class with this delightful mats. Made in the USA, this pad is made from rough, naturally derived virgin cotton fibres extracted from the shell of a cotton nut - ideal for removing debris from the underside of a boot.

SUP" is typed with plant colors in the bottom corners, while a non-slip backing makes sure the pad remains in place while you scrape your footwear neat. Total height: 0. 63'''' Total width: 18'' Total length: 30'' This distinctive range is characterised by slender, graphical styles and exciting modern colour schemes that create an effect that is conspicuous yet easily stylish.

Wonderfully made of a glossy and easy-care softly woven glossy polyamide with a thick looped nap for a lavishly detailled finish, these stunning carpets feature durable qualities with a look and feel that' truly spectacular. Total height: 0. 25''' Total width: 18'' Total length: 30'' Nominal 5 of 5 star.

All in all 48 voices. Greet your home visitors in a handsome, time-honored way with this extra-large monogrammed floor mats, with decorated ornamental edges around the letters of your choosing. Overall lengthwise, this pad is made from virgin carbon fibre - rough strings of carbon shell that are ideal for shaving footwear neatly, taking in moisture and collecting grime and stains.

To top the look off, a non-slip vinylic backing keeps the pad in place while you brush out your boot! Width: 36'' Overall length: 72'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. Fourteen hundred and thirty-three in all. No matter whether you are on the waterfront or further away from the mainland, this attractive floor mats will give you a maritime touch.

It has a sturdy colour that keeps it unobtrusive, while the rope-inspired trims and anchoring accents give it a nautical allure. Manufactured in the USA, it is made of weatherproof artificial fibre and has a protective elastic pad to hold it securely in place. Total height: 0. 25'''' Total width: 24'' Total length: 36'' Nominal 4. 5 out of 5 star.

Twenty-nine hundred and twenty-nine overall voices. Irrespective of whether you wish to welcome your patrons in the entrance area or add a hint of green charme and plain finish to your terrace, this discreet floor mat will certainly be the ideal complement to your door. With an embossed foliage theme, this mat adds a hint of patterns to your look, while its artificial fibre finish and elastic underlay make it a permanent part of your spa.

Place it on the front veranda so that the guest can remove the mud from their boots on their way into the home, or..... Altitude: 0. 25'' Rating 4. 5 out of 5 Asterisks. There were 269 voices in all. With this attractive floor mat made of coconut fibres, which is equipped with a vinylic back, you can equip your front stairs with a classical look.

An individual Monogrammmotive stands in the centre of this foot mat, while flowery Scroll detail lend this Designs botanischen attraction. Supplemented by shades of browns and blacks, this mat receives an eye-catching colour range, while a clearly formed rectangular skyline completes the form of this desig. Featuring an all-weather structure, this fade-resistant floor mat is a must.....

Width: 17'' Overall length: 29'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. Eighteen hundred and twenty-two in all. Prepared to withstand heavy congestion in any type of backdrop, this pad is a must to keep your entrance area in focus. Manufactured in the USA, it is made of antistatic Polypropylen and has a non-slip 25% recycled rubber pad for an environmentally friendlier look.

It also adds stylish look with an eye-catching comb pattern in a strong yet natural shade. Width: 24'' Overall length: 36'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. All in all 394 voices. Make your first appearance before you even make it to the doorstep to welcome your visitors!

Begin by giving a small light with a streetlight inspiring wall lamp on both sides of the front entrance to create an easier way to create a cosy and inviting light. Approx. height: 0. 25'' Approx. width: 22. 88'' Approx. length: 35. 5'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 stars. All in all 247 voices. Give your entrance a special note with this stylish floor mat and present a four-pass design with a single monogram of your chosen character in the centre.

Made from 100% coconut fibre, a naturally occurring fibre that withstands mould and mould, this long-lasting fabric quickly hardens to make sure it's suitable for high frequency areas in your home. It' s naturally colored and blackened to produce a sharp image while its 1.5" thick colour provides a lot of cushioning under the feet. Total height: 1. 5'' Ratings 5 out of 5 star.

One vote in all. Willet Nautical Boat and Ear mats make your entry immediately beautiful. Equipped with rowing boat and cord edge designs, this floor mat is an ideal addition to the doorway to your home. Made of coconut fibre and gum, this rectangular mat is durable.

Environmentally compatible construction of the pad minimizes stress.... Width: 18'' Overall length: 30'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. Nineteen in all. Doormats welcome visitors at the front doors and catch sludge, grime and deposits from the sole of our footwear. They are a must for every stay.

For example: an enchanting complement to any cosy seaside house or nautical complex, it shows a walakzent in front of an abstracted seacape. Manufactured in India, it is made from 100% cotton nut fibre and contains a vinylic backing to keep it in place. Total height: 0. 25" Total width: 30" Total length: 18" Nominal 4.

Five out of five star. Seventeen overall voices. I' m not gonna be a mate! A funny doormat is certainly a possibility to put your guest in a light-filled atmosphere! Begin laughing before you even open the front doors. There is a blank backdrop with three text rows on these whitened and scraped messaging pads, all of which say: "I will not be a doormat.

Width: 18'' Overall length: 30'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. Altogether 272 voices. Welcome your customers in classical styling with this beautiful Elipse doormat. Manufactured in America, it is made of politypropylene with a 20% recycled rubber floor so it is durable against bleaching and staining.

Altitude: 0. 25'' Rating 4. 5 out of 5 Asterisks. All in all 630 voices. With the decoration of your house it is always regarded as down if something is stylish and functionally - like for example this mats! Manufactured in the USA from PP, this item features a flat pattern that allows most doorways to pass easily over this mats.

Width: 34'' Overall length: 60'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. All in all 201 voices. The Outdoor Floor Mats are a great complement to your home. Altitude: 1'' Ratings 4. 5 out of 5 Asterisks. Four overall voices. Ideal for use in living room doors, this doormat is ideal for either practicality or decoration!

The Bountiful Summer non-slip floor matt from Rubber-Cal is made from 100% recyclable gum and serves as a draining matt to keep away debris, sludge and damp from your home soils. This is an inexpensive, stylish half moons entrance pad that is a uniquely stylish locking accessoire for any home. Just swipe or wash these blanket doormats!

Width: 18'' Overall length: 30'' Nominal 5 of 5 star. Fifty-two in all. You can help keep your home consistently tidy by providing underfloor floor maintenance at the front door with this indispensable floor mat. Designed to be suitable for both indoors and outdoors, it is made in the Netherlands from 100% PVC recycling and reinforced bristle to create a long lasting finish that will withstand high walkways and bad wheather.

Altitude: 1. 5'' Ratings 5 out of 5 Asterisks. All in all, 120 voices. With this striking floor mat made of Polypropylen in the USA you give your entrance hall an attractivegrade. Featuring a range of sea star fish, sanddollars and seashells, this styling adds coast attractiveness to your favourite aesthetics, while its enhanced detailing adds a touch of scale to any room.

Available in a wide range of plain colour samples, this mat is guaranteed to integrate easily into your well-equipped home. Designed to resist rough climatic conditions, this.... Width: 23'' Overall length: 36'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star. There were 154 overall voices. There is nothing lazy here - just a nice and welcoming floor mat to help you welcome your visitors and keep the floor tidy.

It certainly suits perfectly to the seaside and shipping groups and shows five fishes in colour with details in colour. Manufactured from rubber, this pad is long-lasting and the ideal place to clean sand flip-flops or filthyneakers. Total height: 1'' Total width: 16'' Total length: 32'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star.

All in all 123 voices. Encourage your customers to scratch off their boots before they step into your home with this discreet mats. Tied together with a thick coconut fibre cord, this square shape will resist stains, decay and mould, making it suitable for sitting on your decks or in your home. It has a naturally shaded shade of bronze which gives it an earty touch, while its 1" pitch provides a lot of damping.

Wherever a refresher is needed, just rinse this mat for ease of maintenance. Total height: 0. 25''' Total width: 22'' Total length: 31'' 100% Naturkautschuk is incorporated into the classical nautical style of a connoisseur. Total height: 0.5'' Total width: 18'' Total length: 30'' Nominal 4.5 of 5-star.

Seventy-five in all. His flat styling blends tightly under swing door, while his chemron fabric scraps trainers and feet when they come in. Manufactured in the USA, this pad is made of man-made fibres with bevelled corners to avoid trip hazards. Altitude: 0. 31'' rated 4. 5 out of 5 Asterisks.

All in all 231 voices. This superabsorbent mud carpet consists of a stack of absorbing and microfibre fibres that penetrates into the groove of the sole of the shoe to capture dust and humidity at the front doors. Width: 19'' Overall length: 29'' Nominal 4. 5 of 5 star.

All in all 538 voting rights. Create your home with this doormat Circle Monogram. These mats have a concave designer edge that gives the décor a nice note. These mats are machine-made from gum and coconut fibre, which increases their firmness and shelf life. There is a non-slip elastic underlay, which keeps it securely in place on the....

Total height: 1'''.

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