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Novel carpet tiles

With our new collection of made-to-measure carpets and carpet tiles you will get your money's worth. The Belgotex company is one of New Zealand's leading flooring distributors. New Zealand & Australia Warranty: Subsequently, the adjacent bathroom was comprehensively modernised and fitted with new tiles. The use of a reversible adhesive should make it possible to recycle the nylon face material into new carpet tiles.

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The vinyl coverings are a good substitute for wooden floorings as they are easy to clean. Available in a demanding palette of colors and finishes in modern shades. Simpler to assemble as they reduce the movement of desk furnishings during the installation work. With our help, we can evaluate your space and advise you on the right floor coverings to suit your surroundings, your color preferences and your budgets.

With 30 years of extensive sector expertise, we are able to visualize the impact of different types of pavement investment in different settings. The carpet materials, colours and textures will be discussed so that you can make the best choices. So if you need fine and high class carpets or vinyls in Bayside, just contact our experts.

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In its TOLI carpet range, Nolan UDA Pty Ltd. has added two new carpet tiles to its range of carpets based on the look of wood andcrete. Although features such as old wood and facing tile style can give a whole new outlook to modern designs, they also represent restrictions in use.

The TOLI Nolan UDA line comprises a series of carpet tiles that cover the ageing processes ofcrete. The Mortarclay carpet tiles are also influenced by the trends to use ageing textures and minimumist rooms as focus points for modern designs and are available in four distinct colors.

rug tiles

Distinctive board sizes allow the demanding designer to further improve color and feel by using a fishbone method during installation, giving your floors a third layer. The Stitch is an elegantly tone-in-tone multi-layered carpet tiles that has been developed for demanding interior spaces and creates a cosy, relaxed ambience.

The tufted Multi Scroll Loop stack series is also a dirt-repellent SDX (Solution Dyed Nylon) grade offering the NextBac support system.

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