Non Slip Anti Fatigue Mats

Non-slip anti-fatigue mats

The anti-fatigue mats are made of polyvinyl foam for better posture and long-lasting comfort while you do all your daily kitchen tasks. The non-slip surface holds them in place; the durable, high-density core provides long-lasting hold. The Seton range of anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats. Non-slip non-slip floor covering application.

It is also non-slip, so you don't have to build up tension when slipping.

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So why buy our anti-slip/anti-fatigue mats? That' s why we are focused on providing tailored services that help our customers rationalize their operations, enhance security and achieve cost-effective results. 12 months guarantee - Get a 12 months guarantee on all anti-slip/anti-fatigue mats you have bought. ? Broad product spectrum - We offer warehouse management and security technology for companies and workstations.

More than 7000 articles in our warehouse and more than 32.000 single articles in our warehouse. We have been providing excellent product and service throughout Australia to a growing customer base for over 20 years. Solutions for you. The Anti-Slip /Anti-Fatigue Mat has large perforations that allow for good draining and the dropping of chips and welding spatters.

Euro is a multi-purpose non-slip and easily cleanable floor mats. Due to the special developed vacuum pad bottom this pad does not slip on lacquered or polish floor. The anti-fatigue mats are unbelievably efficient at relieving stress from employees' foot and lower back.

Deliveries available Australia-wide and Expresslieferung available in key towns, including:

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The anti-fatigue mat is the ideal way to keep your foot safe from the stress of long hours of sitting on tough mats. Comprising our exclusive anti-fatigue mats collection: Air-cushion mats, Clean-Through Plus mats, safety cushions and VynaGrip mats. Used primarily to relieve foot pain from tough floors in kitchens, spas, bars, dressing rooms and manufacturing areas.

The mats are made of 100% gum. The anti-fatigue mats can work on rough surface and are durable against most chemical agents, oil and greases. Wherever damp flooring is possible, nitrile caoutchouc with antimicrobial characteristics is used in kitchens, spas, behind the counter, dressing rooms, manufacturing areas, etc., etc.

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