Non Slip Drainage Mats

Non-slip drainage mats

Dehydrates debris and does not slip. Indoor outdoor mat with drainage openings for water, snow, mud and dirt to drain effortlessly. Robust two-ply drainage mats protect tools and compartments from damage. The rubber mats have bevelled edges that provide a non-slip, non-slip working area. Changing mats, swimming pool mats and shower mats can prevent slips and falls.

Drainage rubber mats

Skid flooring and stagnant groundwater present a hazardous risk for clients and staff in canteen canteens and public baths. Our range includes a full range of drainage mats that provide a straightforward, easily installed and economical answer to the problems of unslippery soils. Drum mats provide protection for clients and workers from accident and injury by maintaining high frequency areas clean, giving slip protection to those areas where falls are most hazardous, and offering secure walking area.

Waterproof floor mats are built modularly and can be laid quickly! One of the secrets of the efficiency of these drainage mats can be found in the actual elastic materials. There is no influence on the properties of rubbers and they do not take up humidity, neither from spilt splash es of rain nor from the weathers. It is this uniqueness that makes natural caoutchouc a self-contained waterproof floor covering that is the foundation for its strength as a non-slip floor covering product.

Drainage mats are exclusively intended to keep away rain, damp ness and humidity from well-traveled areas. Featuring perforations that allow humidity to drain away from the top layer, Drainage Mats allow the use of any area regardless of debris or damp conditions that could make the ground slick.

Even better, gum does not permit the proliferation of bacterial by-products such as moulds and powdery mildew. However, the gum is a very small component of the product. Mould can grow in the soil if excessive humidity is not controlled, but rubbers are not a good choice for their evolution. Drainage mats can help mitigate accident and adverse environmental impact while providing a more welcoming and safe environment for our clients and staff to use.

Drain mats are very useful in a variety of different environments to protect human beings from damp soil. Firstly, you can lay waterproof surfaces in communal lavatories which, unfortunately, have leaking taps and tricky lavatories. Simultaneously, you can place these drain mats in a professional cooking area where several chefs inadvertently spray different types of liquid onto the ground.

Using our drainage mats in places that tend to have damp surfaces increases your ability to trap in these potentially vulnerable areas, protects your guests from falling and injury, and keeps your operations running smooth. All spills are not caused by the presence of liquid splashes. It is just as likely, for example, that in canteen canteens, edible oils will be spilt inadvertently as does rain.

Although all types of elastomers are hydrophobic, nature and recycling elastomers have a tendency not to deal well with the use of petroleum. This is why we provide some drainage mats made from man-made, oil-resistant elastomers such as nitrogen. Citrile caoutchouc is an elastomere that is frequently used in various types of application with lubricants and fats.

Whereas normal virgin and recycling elastomers may not have the best durability against extended periods of exposed oils, nitrogen latex can easily withstand them. This feature allows drainage mats made of nitrogen blanket elastomer to provide protection against the dangers of landslides, whether they are caused by sliding surfaces with hydraulic fluid or oils.

Perforations on our drainage mats can also be filtered through smaller deposits. Once the particle is small enough, it can pass through the hole. Those foods can become a risk of stumbling or slipping, resulting in someone toppling over and injuring themselves. Just as with fluid leaks, drainage wells allow these hard deposits to be released from the top of the pad so that they remain free of stumbling block.

Apart from nanoparticles, some solids that can be dewatered by our drainage mats are stones, sands, gravels, ices and more. Besides humidity and drainage hole stability, drainage mats offer good slip protection thanks to their elastic coating. Gum is a fabric that is ideally suited to improve the overall foot-traction in a given area.

With a high co-efficient of drag, it offers sufficient motion drag to keep your legs securely and protected and prevent falls. Due to the fact that there is no absorption of moisture by rubbers, they do not loose their slip strength even when damp. Very few other material can pride itself on this singular level of excellence, and not all are as inexpensive as rubbers.

In addition, drainage mats with thick masses of gum can provide fatigue-free convenience, an ingredient that is very welcome in professional canteens. Resilient by nature, Gummimaterial provides protection against stresses and strain for workers.

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