Non Slip Rubber Floor Mats

Non-slip rubber floor mats

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Unfortunately, damp pavement has the capacity to become a serious threat to a company, resulting in casualties for both staff and clients. Slides, stumbles and drops are a major cause of injury, and shopkeepers should take all possible steps to avoid dangers such as landslides. Improve security in problem areas by placing one of our non-slip rubber floor mats in entranceways, sidewalks and other high impact areas.

With our non-slip rubber mats you can concentrate on the most important issues of your company instead of having to worry about the security of your clients and people. Our floor mats' anti-slip properties are based on the rubber from which they are made. Rubber has a very high co-efficient of rubbing against the sole of shoes and legs, which is one of its uniqueness characteristics.

Owing to this rubbing, when you are walking over non-slip rubber mats, your legs enjoy enhanced adhesion and feel that they would not get on exposed surfaces such as tiles, laminates or even cement. Incidental foot motion causes slip and fall. Non-slip rubber flooring's high rubbing resistance helps counteract these unintentional motions and keeps your foot in place so you can't slip or fall.

It will help you to keep your equilibrium and prevent you from slipping. Rubber fabric provides just enough rubbing to keep you straight and steady on both your legs, especially as you walk around. Anti-slip floor coverings can also be equipped with peculiar superficial structures that improve the gripping and pulling power already provided by the rubber.

Skin finishes are excellent for enhancing adhesion, as each finish enhances the overall rub that rubber provides to the toes. Due to the fact that the rubbing is due to the roughness of a rubber matting, the fabric's structure results in a non-flat finish that provides even more rubbing and allows your foot to safely grasp the rubber mat.

A structured, non-slip mat structure ensures that your rubbing remains even when you stand or move. Whilst all surfaces are engineered to perform the same overall purpose of enhancing adhesion, some skins are more suitable for certain environments or uses. Several of our non-slip surfaces have texts aimed at sustaining drag on gradients and ups.

Others have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that makes them more suitable for professional or industry use. Stocks of non-slip rubber mats are engineered to offer the highest levels of security and resistance, even in humid and adverse climatic environments. Different floor coverings are usually slip y and become hazardous due to humidity from rains and other rainfall.

This humidity can lead not only to the danger of persons sliding and dropping, but also to the formation of moulds in the soil, which can affect the well-being of staff and clients. Rubber, however, is by nature water-repellent and does not take up damp. This allows our rubber mats to retain their excellent grip and prevent slippage and fall even in rainy and other damp weathers.

It is also water-resistant, which means that mould cannot form in the soil. As rubber inherently has a high co-efficient of drag and retains high drag even in damp conditions, it is of course a better option for non-slip floor coverings. A further way in which our anti-slip mats can minimise the risk of slipping from moisture is by incorporating drain wells.

Several of our mat product have surface draining openings. This type of non-slip floor mat is perfect for environments where too much humidity is present. Perforations run through all fluids on the mat surface to avoid undue and hazardous humidity build-up.

The only purpose of this is to increase the overall slip resistance of the area, as the upper side of the non-slip rubber mat remains free of fluids and can be walked on. Rather than puddle through your puddle, your legs can safely benefit from the rubber mat's secure pull.

Non-slip rubber floorings, especially those containing reclaimed rubber material, have outstanding durability against ultraviolet radiation, odor, water and other rough weather. However, if a mats deteriorates over a period of times due to the ambient environment in which it is used, the mats themselves can become a security risk! Those things can help to create insecure floor coverings, but they won't be a concern if you place non-slip rubber floor mats in your areas.

Rubber is mainly made from car tyres. Tyres are engineered for use in a wide range of rugged conditions and this thickness is applied to our non-slip matts. Irrespective of the particular version, our non-slip rubber floorings ensure significantly more safety even in potentially explosive areas. Ensure that your clients can pass through your shop or business securely by placing rubber floorings and castors in well-frequented areas.

The use of long life indoor and outdoor rubber mats is not only a long life and economical non-slip floor covering product, but also a way of insuring any use. Investment in the security of your clients and staff by discovering our best-selling brands!

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