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The Design-by-tile offers creativity in any size and allows a versatile mix of colours, textures and shapes in one floor design. Accompany us on our trip from Dubai to Paris, in this project of the month to see three different cases of exceptional use of carpet tiles for office design. Home or office, Kanter's got it. An elaborate carpet layout can change: From a boring office to an interesting or even quirky one.

Office modular carpet tiles| About us

Shall a "workplace" be different from the other rooms that humans occupy? Therefore it is a worldwide commandment to design rooms that inspired, activated and supported the humans who use them. Our products' ability to be modular allows for limitless design versatility and practicality. Creative Design-by-tile is available in any size and allows a versatile blend of colors, texts and forms in one design.

Thanks to the flexible carpet, it can also be replaced selectively, saving space and reducing wastage. For us, the endless design potential of carpet tiles is inextricably linked to our Zero® commitment to eliminating all environmental impacts by 2020.

Q&A Indesign with carpets Inter

Carpets Inter transforms old plastics into new design ideas with the groundbreaking, unique EcoSoft and EcoSoft technologies. So we talked to Above Left, the Carpets Inter Australia distribution, to ask them how they see the design scene and what inspired them to take the next steps towards sustainability.

The Hong Kong brand was the original inspiration - a more durable carpet was in demand and EcoSoft was created! While EcoSoft was created by Carpets Inter, here in Australia the true advantages were known. At least 85% of EcoSoft's contents are recyclable, mainly from disposed waste plastic (PET) cans.

So not only is the loosely recycable material, but it begins its lives by taking garbage from the rest of the globe, and none of it is PVC! Carpets Inter creates carpets that not only make the whole universe more attractive, but also more livable. And we do this with our own range of environmentally friendly solutions that comply with strict requirements for room climate control, are manufactured and used safely, and use recycle material wherever possible, incorporating our EcoSoft back, made from our million different recyclees.

For 14 years Carpets Inter has been manufacturing EcoSoft recycling carpet tiles backing and has the privilege that colleges, government agencies and government buildings throughout Australia have come to us to be part of the coin. For what kind of project are Inter EcoSoft carpets for? Whereas open-plan office space is advantageous for a number of different purposes, staff comfort and efficiency can be compromised by noise protection problems.

Testing results show that EcoSoft exceeds hard-back tiles by more than 150%-175% in terms of efficacy of acoustical damping. The EcoSoft system tests acoustical efficiency according to ENISO354:2003 and is therefore ideally suited for the damping of environmental and footfall noises. Combined with a good soundproofing design, reducing echo times can help the room meet the Green Star IEQ-10 Internal noise levels requirements.

EcoSoft is a practical, classy and durable answer for business, educational, hotel, health and general office projects. What is so special about Carpets Inter's strategy for achieving this? Our tremendous performance to date really stands out from the rest - over 700 million plastic bottle types have been reused thanks to EcoSoft.

We' ve never promoted goals, but just provided a nice and convenient package consisting mainly of 80% post-consumer-PET ( 50 recyclable standards per sqm 55ml bottle). What does Carpets design interior for the environment? We are committed to environmental responsibility beyond just the design of our products.

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