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Take a look at office carpets, details and specifications from SK Interior, a leading manufacturer of indoor carpets in Nangloi, Delhi, Delhi, Delhi. Long-lasting and designed for use in high traffic areas, Kruas floor coverings offer commercial and modular carpet tiles or castors for any office carpet situation. Also we have a complete range of commercial carpets for busy office or showroom spaces and marine carpets. Teppichfliesen are the easiest, most flexible and best way to lay your floor for commercial use. From cabins and meeting rooms to entrances and toilets, Empire Today offers high-quality office floors and carpets for every project.

Decisions floor coverings

Wood's inherent beautiness can change any room. Wooden flooring, also known as engineering or swimming flooring, is also simple to lay. Swimming " means the fact that the flooring is not glued directly to the underlying foundations and because it is a nature-produced floor, the wooden floor offers a nice finishing to every room.

Our wood flooring designs provide rigidity and size to make sure they can handle high levels of pedestrian activity. Our wood flooring's protecting qualities facilitate cleaning and care and offer protection against scratching and staining. And if you like wood floors, you'll be amazed by the beauty of your floor...not only because of its good looks, but also because of its strong, environmentally sound name.

Bamboo floors from special nurseries grown every 5-6 years have been independently certified by Green Environment Choice Australia and Forest Stewardship Council. Moulded on all four sides, the floor uses the world's best glue-free click floor system for fast and simple installation.

A lot of plywood panels have a Janka classification of 16, which means they are more durable than wood and impact proof, and the high-tech cladding system also provides outstanding stain and spill protection. You can coat your floor with either a flat surface or a wire brush surface to give you a fantastic feel under your feet.

Joseph, Hamilton and Seaton (JHS) have been a UK leader in carpeting, carpet tile and flooring for over 50 years.

Joseph, Hamilton and Seaton (JHS) have been a UK leader in carpeting, carpet tile and flooring for over 50 years. Our company is a significant provider of hotel, office, school, care home, students' hostel, hospital, public house, new building and retailer services. Johnson offers a wide selection of rugs, carpet tile and other special floor coverings.

We offer the largest selection of flooring solutions for floorers, designers and other planners. Be it office rugs, hospitality floors or even bar rugs - JHS has what you need.

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