Office Entrance Mats

Entrance mats for offices

Entrance and office mats and carpets are generally placed in entrance foyers, lobbies and other areas where workers or visitors enter your facility. The Bristol Ridge Scraper carpet mats are robust entrance mats for indoor and outdoor installation in office, hotel and catering environments. Did you ever think of tailor-made door mats in the medical practice sector? This office mats are an elegant option for indoor and outdoor applications. You look pretty professional so you can use them in the office and at work.

mats for office and business entrances

Office mats that give your office the latest look. Not only do our special developed mats guarantee comfortable use, they also protect the skin. Our most exclusive office and retail pairing solution collections are perfectly matched to your requirements in the office/business area. We have a broad line of office and industrial mats to protect against grime and dusts, providing the best possible mat qualities and the latest designs for formal and business use.

Our product line comprises seat mat systems as well as coconut and rubber-based dirt-trapping mats. Our basic mats are of the highest standard of workmanship and value for price. All our equipment provides a safe working enviroment with high levels of protection against dusts, grime and germs commonly found in business environments. This is your ultimative goal for unique mattresses.

The CS mark.

Access to a facility should be secure, functionally high and esthetically appealing. Valuable entrance mats have an important roll to make in reaching these goals. Entry mats eliminate humidity and debris from pedestrian areas and wheelchairs such as trolleys, pushchairs and wheelchairs. Entry mats considerably reduce the probability of slipping and tripping hazards when you enter a build.

Entry mats also protect indoor flooring while minimising the cost of indoor maintenance. In addition, the mats keep contaminants from moving from dirty areas to cleaner areas, e.g. from factories to offices.

Your office entrance mats need to be replaced.

Working-out when your office entrance mats need to be replaced can be difficult and is probably not one of the first things you think about when you get up in the mornings. Are you using drop mats regularly to complement your current mats? And if the answers to any of these are yes, then this is an important indication that your entrance mats are not working as they should.

It is one of the major features of entrance mats to eliminate humidity from the sole of the foot and thus prevent sliding spills. Do not use the pad as a long-term remedy if you discard it, as it can be considered a trip hazard. 3. In addition to transporting humidity, an efficient entrance mats should provide protection for the ground next to it.

When your ground surfaces are broken, your entrance mats will not be able to clean all dust and grime. Up to 75% of this contamination can be removed by an efficient entrance carpet that allows at least 8 steps in each way (approximately 6 meters long) and stored in one place for ease of clean-up.

Once you have found your floor to be covered with dirt, it is your turn to change or improve your entrance mats. It is important that your entrance mats stay cool, as a fatigued and battered entrance mats are much less efficient. One good way to measure how much wear your pad is, to give the pad a complete thorough cleaning, is to make sure you scrub the rug insets that lift the nap well.

If you choose an entrance mats, make sure that you have a long guarantee of approx. 5 years for the carpets, which is proof of our excellent craftsmanship and longlife. Directly, free of obstacles, have a solid, non-slip top layer and allow simple manoeuvring with a wheeled chair. Every mesh should either have a flat face with the adjoining flooring or, if installed, be of a sloped edge design.

When using other kinds of coverings, they should be fastened safely to the ground at the corners and gaps to prevent the danger of stumbling and sliding.

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