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Carpet tiles for office floors

Using a variety of styles, patterns and colours, you can transform any office into an inspired working environment - with commercial flooring from [translation:brand]. Largest selection of commercial office carpet tiles in the UK, including Nouveau, Burmatex, Desso, Interface and Heuga. ege carpet tiles are particularly suitable for use in modern office environments. The thinner carpet tiles are ideal for offices, airports, sports halls and other high traffic areas. Duronics offers a wide range of nylon, PP and hybrid conceptual carpet tiles for offices, workspaces, hotels, airports, etc.

Would you like to upgrade your office floor with glossy carpet tiles?

Office modular carpet tiles| About us

Shall a "workplace" be different from the other rooms that humans occupy? Therefore it is a worldwide commandment to create rooms that inspired, activated and supported the humans who use them. Our products' ability to be modular allows for limitless freedom of choice and use. Creative Design-by-tile is available in any size and allows a versatile blend of colors, texts and forms in one floor desig.

Thanks to the flexible carpet, it can also be replaced selectively, saving space and reducing wastage. For us, the endless scope for carpet tiles is inextricably linked to our Zero® commitment to eliminating all environmental impacts by 2020. To find out how we can help you address your carpet challenge, please consult your nearest sales office.

Teppichfliesen | Sokoitari | The Nolan Group

Sokoitari, the name of the fabric in Japan, originates from the eighteenth cenury. It was used to describe a high-quality piece of apparel characterised by painstaking detailing with subtile but meticulously crafted styling characteristics. Sokoitari' s initial series was the forerunner in this type of floor decoration and won the renowned Good Designs Award in 2005.

Sokoitari carpet tiles are the right choice if your criterion is style and free choice. Because of the restrictions of desktopscanners and the relatively inconsistent nature of monitor screens, the colors you see on your monitor may not always be an absolutely true representation of the real work.

Whilst we endeavour to make our colouring as precise as possible, the screens are for guidance only and should not be considered as completely true. To see a specimen of a specific item on our website, please refer to your nearest office.

Options for office floors | Best easy-care floor covering

When it comes to selecting the right office floor for any setting, there are many things to consider, as well as your workspace. The selection of the best office floor for your company depends on the area you want to occupy, the amount of pedestrian activity, your household budgets and the general furnishing of your workspace.

The use of the same floor covering for an whole working area can ensure optical consistency, but different types of material can also help in marking different areas according to their different uses and environments. These are the most common floor covering types that we use for our customers' interiors - along with their advantages and disadvantages for different work areas.

Teppichfliesen are a favorite option for a number of reason. It also offers the variety and suppleness of tiles, with the smoothness and qualities of carpets. When tiles are broken - e.g. under a desk or in busy areas - you can change them without lifting the whole carpet.

The best part of all is that you can get really imaginative about how you place the tiles by blending designs, colors, and Textures - to designate different "zones" or just to get your eye moving on large areas. Just like carpet, tiles are not suitable for use in kitchens or bathrooms. Wood floors are still one of the best available work floors, giving every room a warm, naturally warm and professionally designed look, available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and grainings.

Although it's quite long-lasting, it can get rubbed and scraped over a period of years, so it needs to be re-polished every few years to do its best. Conversely, you need a large household bill to accommodate a large area, and environmental noises can be an area of concern in open-plan office environments. It looks very similar to a wood floor and offers a high-quality look with a variety of colors and grain at an accessible cost.

And the fact that the growth of trees is quicker than that of timber makes it a more ecologically sound option. It looks nice and is low-maintenance, which makes it ideal for high-frequency areas in your office. When you are looking for a cost-effective option to wooden or stony floors, vinyls and laminates are an ideal option.

They are durable, silent, low-maintenance and easily cleaned, making them perfect for large and bustling office environments. Unfortunately, if the surfaces are broken, the entire floor covering must be exchanged. Like carpet tiles, vinyls and laminates are available in smaller tiles, so you can substitute a small number of tiles if they are scraped or cracked.

Pottery and china tiles are available in a variety of texts and surfaces, among them replicas of nature stones. Ideally suited for bathroom, kitchen and foyer applications or in combination with other floor coverings, as we have done in our own office. The tiles are hard-wearing and do not pale in direct light, so they give their best for a long while.

Choosing the type of tiles depends on the area that needs to be protected, but our designers can suggest the most suitable ones. It' s ultra long lasting, which makes it great for busy areas. Naturstein tiles are a long-lasting floor covering, ideally suited for hobbies, lounges and other busy areas.

Choices cover lime stone, quarry, stone, sandstone, and more. In this four-part Office Designer Series, we examine your selection of floor coverings for the different areas of your workspace. Have a look at our other items about ceiling, illumination and office walls concepts. Intelligent work-station layout can also help creating rooms that enhance well-being and well-being at the workstation.

This is the basis for well-being and well-being in office work.

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