Office Floor Tiles

Floor tiles for offices

Be inspired and inspired by our range of vinyl floor coverings for offices. Powerful office vinyl flooring that meets all styles and tastes. Explore our selection of vinyl floors designed specifically for office applications. It is these factors that determine the life of carpet tiles and are very important in choosing the right office floor that will last and always look good. The choice of a floor tile for your office depends on your working life.


Office vinyl floor tiles and planks

Case studie office floor. Comes in a distinctive and modern 610mm x 457mm floor slab with 0.5mm wearing surface, Ferra gives industrial sites a genuine effect. Despite being inspirational for a classical schist look, Ferra has an almost metal look with a stone coal floor and notes of bronze and bronze.

The Countryak from the Van Gogh Timber Collections offers you the genuine country look of raw woods without the hassle of growing, buffing or poring genuine raw oaks. Antislip properties of RM10 and a 15-year warranty provide a convenient application that is often difficult to obtain with genuine parquet floors.

When ordering sample products, please fill in your prefered shipping information before leaving the website. Featuring deep anthracite colours and gloomy anthracite properties, this wooden look gives modern rooms a modern look. Each Van Gogh floorboard pattern comes in 1219 x 178 mm thick 3.0 mm thick vinyls and a hard-wearing 0.5 mm wearing film.

When ordering sample products, please fill in your prefered shipping information before leaving the website. With the large board size and the weather-beaten wooden look of Magna from the Opus wooden board programme, you give your furnishings a genuine added value. Magna's sleek mid-brown shades and raw look provide a truly unmistakable look for retailers and restaurateurs.

When ordering sample products, please fill in your prefered shipping information before leaving the website. LooseLay Country Oak's broader floorboards and sleek shades of gray will help give your premises a modern and open look. Copper Gum's reddish-brown colours add a sense of comfort and charm and are perfect for providing an welcoming and welcoming ambience for any office or sales area.

The French Grey Oak is a contemporary and elegant hallway, ideal for industrial applications where you need fast laying, simple accessibility to underground flooring service or transient flooring. These stressed boards, based on European oak, are characterised by their one-of-a-kind grains and have a slightly textured, brush-finish finish.

The R10 anti-slip finish and 10-year industrial guarantee ensure that you are using French Grey Oak for your next business venture. Hamden blond shades and a variety of grains give it an authentically feeling that fits in both modern and classic business premises. Featuring K-Wave exclusive K-Wave clamping, R-10 anti-skid and 15 year guarantee, it is a dependable and elegant option for your next business venture.

Fleckgummi, with its wealth of structured shades, is a favourite option if you are looking for a trendy floor covering with a look of timelessness. With ash gray midtones in a lukewarm tan pallet, it is a styling that fits both a trendy and classical touch. Using our proprietary K-Core construction, Korlok has a thicker and more resilient cores - perfect for laying on incomplete substrates and most available rigid floors.

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