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Cost-effective, durable floor protection for home and office. A unique PVC formulation for a clearer, more durable mat. A unique Splat-formed mat to protect your valuable floor. The polycarbonate office chair mat is an exciting and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional PVC (vinyl) seat mats. A chair mat that protects your floor or carpet from wear and tear.

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Floor mats | Floor protection & office chair mats

Mat Shop offers all our full sized Mat Shop chairs flush and not curled. That means that these matting is secure, immediately usable and does not pose a risk of tripping. When buying a mat, the most important thing to consider is the kind of base. Mat Shop manufactures rug mattresses with small grabs under the mat to securely hold the mat in place and restrict freedom of motion during use.

The small grabs or anchor are tailored to the respective rug model and will not cause the rug any discomfort if the mat is laid properly. Stool matting for rigid flooring is produced for use on and on rigid flooring. These include tile, glazed cement, vinyls, wood or any other kind of ground finish that is flat, even and firm.

They are made with a sleek back that generates a void when placed on a tidy and drying surface to keep the mat in place and decrease the risk of it slipping on your ground. When you have chosen the kind of base for which you want to buy your mat, once you have selected the base as a rigid base, you can choose the right sizes and shapes from the assortment of rigid base materials here.

Once you have determined that your kind of ground is a rug, the next important thing to do is to determine the depth of the rug and the pad. Once the rug and base are weighed, you can use this sketch below to choose the chair mat that best fits your workplace.

For carpets up to 6mm diameter click here. Stool matting is made for carpeting tile or rug that is glued directly to the ground below and has no base or upholstery. Technical terms for this are directly embroidered carpets, rug tile or rug square. For carpets and underfloors up to a maximum overall width of 12 mm click here.

Matshop's durable seat matting has a 4 year anti-cracking guarantee, they are also made from clean material that is twice extrusion to eliminate extra contaminants, making them the most safe and environmentally sound seat mat. Please check our homepage for all other types of mat.

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