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Logo office mats

Logo-matting combines the advantages of a doormat with an eye-catching design that can enhance branding and marketing activities. Teppich-Läufer mats for the best use in office floor mats for general purposes. You can improve your practice with the user-defined door mats of the doctor's office. Like the classic, with fabric edging for offices or clubs. From small residential mats to medium-sized office applications to massive government installations, we can handle any job with confidence.

Teppichmatte with your company logo

Select your mesh size: 6' 10' 67 "x118"$799.99 * Note: Please take into account a margin of up to 2-3% of the real area. Included in all rates are set-up charges for artworks! Special dimensions are also possible. As soon as you have placed your order on-line, please e-mail us with the specification of your logo: Cortwork prove & approval: Once we have received your logo, we will provide you with evidence of your agreement.

Our products will not be produced until we have received your release. Individual sizes available! if you need an individual sized, we will do the same. Use our personalised logo mats to promote your company at the door. The mats have a cleanable, rubberized grab back for security and durability.

Rug surface is manufactured with micro-nozzles, which introduce the colour directly into the rug fibres, creating lively, long-lasting and lightfast mats. Others use low -grade "overprinting", in which silk screening or heat transfers only add colour to the top of the fibres, which eventually heals.

As a rule, the submission/release of the print templates, as well as final printing and shipping, takes about 3-4 week. There are no setup or handling costs for masters. The logo and matt are solution-dyed to avoid bleaching. Thermofixed fibres allow dust to be filtered between them, concealing it from view. It is available in different sizes: 3'x5' individual logo mats are perfect for individual doorways, for example:

4'x6' individual logo mats are perfect for twin door applications. 1/4 " Thickness: 1/4 " Complies with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specification. You will need about 3-4 week for printing, producing and dispatch. specs: Teppichgewicht: 24 oz./S.Y. Produktgewicht:

Indoor Office Carpet Mats

Washable, these mats have a classical look that can enrich any working area. 100 percent statically conductive fabric provides excellent absorbency and strength. The Ultra-Twist twist design is resistant to pack and squeeze. The classical carpets of our company provide a high value, long lasting mat at a reasonable cost. Add an additional touch to your office with our office mats and walkers.

Ideal for office spaces such as entrances, workplaces, corridors,obbies, counter services, petrol pumps. Extraterrestrial Course solution-dyed fibres in conjunction with traditionally solution-dyed fibres produce an outstanding scrape and wipe effect for the best ground stop. Silk coloured thread is easily cleaned and guarantees against colour wastage for 10 years.

The thermofixed, statically dissipating marine grade thread makes Carpet Mats Crunch secure near delicate electronics. Classical bestselling logo mats for companies of all kinds. The OmniTrac Premium Grade entrance mats are made of high grade, long lasting and dirt-repellent Polypropylen fibre. We use this stiff fibre to create uniquely matting that combines strength and functionality with flawless imaging.

These mats are particularly special because they are available in many individual forms, dimensions and configuration. Multidirectional V-pattern design in stylish modern corporate colours is uniquely absorbing and powerful to scrape floor and capture in deep notches. Faster dry, heavy polypropylene looks better, longer. Effectively as an economic, simple rug walker for use anywhere in your home.

GrimeFighter Diamond Track entrance mats are densely needled polypropylene rug mats that combine longevity with a clean look. An inexpensive way to stop dust and damp from entering the doors and create a clean, secure shopping area. The robust and shapely Dual Rib design scratches and captures debris efficiently in the deep slots of the mats.

Guard your floor by removing shoe debris and damp when it gets into your shed. Faster dry, heavy polypropylene looks better, longer. Effectively as an economic, simple rug walker for use anywhere in your home. The FloorGuard entrance mats provide floor protection against the hardness of the panels and retain contamination and humidity during use.

The 100% elastic underlay offers maximal stability, while the commercially available, needle-punched polypropylene fibre clears footwear of grime and soiling. Every burr on the FloorGuard is enforced with gum so that the scraper points are stiff enough to resist heavy use.

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