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Be it a living room carpet or a bathroom mat, we have what you are looking for. Not only do these area carpets protect your floors, they also look good. From carpets and pillows to curtains and blinds, we have everything in a wide range of styles and colours. Over the past few years, most administrations have designed their own carpet, in collaboration with an interior designer and the curator of the White House. Read or listen to more to learn more about office carpets.

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One rug has several advantages it can make available to your home; it not only helps to protect your floors from wear and tear and scratches, but it also adds a stylish touch to your room and adds a colorful accent to an otherwise featureless floor. A rug can be used as a home furnishings element. Whether you are looking for a small extra or something for the largest part of a room, you will find it with Space on-line.

From strong colors to optically interesting samples we have put together our assortment for the most different requirements. When you need help locating the right furnishings for your home or want to try modernizing your home, just contact one of our distributors or the shop manager.

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Complement the look of your office and homelike your room by add a carpet to your office. Workplace carpets provide a visual addition and also catch debris and moisture from your guests' footwear - so your office stays neat and secure! Areas carpets can help to combine colours in your room and convey a feeling of cosiness.

Select from a wide range of flower themes, motifs, and print in a wide range of colours. Go one better and add a carpet cushion to keep your carpet in place and avoid slipping and falling.

Shopping guide: Carpets - Tips for choosing the right carpet for your residential area

The choice of carpet will depend on the room you live in. Before you decide on the carpet dimensions, make sure your carpet is the right balance and functionality for your room. Little carpets - Small carpets are usually from 80x150cm to 120x170cm. Carpets are ideal for highlighting small items of furnishings and enlivening entrances, bedroom and small lounge areas.

Middle Carpets - The default carpet height for a middle carpet is 160 x 230 cm. These carpet sizes are a good option for bedroom, home office and under coffeetables in lounge rooms. Big carpets - Big rooms usually need a big carpet. Default for large carpets is 200 x 300 cm.

Big carpets are ideal for lounge, 6-8 seater dinning room, main bedroom and rum-pus areas. Large Carpets - The default carpet format for an large carpet is 240 x 340 cm. Large carpets are ideal for large lounge areas, 8-10 seater dinning rooms, main bedroom and large entertainment areas.

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