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Best suited as an interior carpet for high-quality office furnishings for executives. There are endless possibilities for carpets in individual sizes and floor mats with individual logos. MEDICAL PRACTICE CUSTOM DOOR CARPETS AND MATS. Attorneys love our Custom Logo Carpets law firm. Individual logo mats are ideal for branding purposes.

Logo- Mats

Our logo mat's surfaces are characterised by high absorption of moisture and separation of soiling. State-of-the-art print technologies with 1 million pixel per square meter enable us to manufacture high-quality logo pads with outstanding picture sharpness. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR LOGO. For best results file uploading of video vectors: You can also load JPG, TIF, PSD, BMP, PCX images if they are of high resolution.

We will ask you for your billing information. SKETCH DRAFT ARTORK. You will receive an art work of your logo pad within 1-2 workdays. Art work revision is part of the fee. APPROVAL OF THE PRINT TEMPLATES. Read our FAQ about Logomats or find more information in our Logomat Specifications.

Customized Logo Mats

Individual logo pads are ideal for labeling use. With these individual logo pads you can build a powerful corporate identity in your head. Send us your artwork by e-mail, suitable data format are: ai, jpg, pdf, gif, pdf, jpg, png, ai. As soon as you are satisfied with the evidence, the mat usually takes about 10 working day to produce.

custom church floor mats - entrance mats for the church

Provides a range of floor and wall coverings for doorways, office, kitchen and parish centres. They are printed on the blanket with your unique logo, icon and/or name. Customize your parish floor using your name or logo printed on your parish floor using the colours of your parish. They are simple blankets (without logos) that are usually used in the front door of religious houses to minimize the visibility of pollution and humidity.

Inner matting and skids are also used in roofed multi-storey car parks and in front of lifts. There are many different types of Walk-Off mat available in different colours, styles and dimensions. A number of pads have a grab or backside liner specially developed to remain on the rug. Usually these meshes are situated outside the parish.

The outer walking mat is placed outside the entrance and is usually made of either gum or some kind of synthetic scraping used. In order to prevent floor and rug scratching and damages caused by swivel castors on desks, special size desktop matting may be purchased by the Church Offices. We offer desktop matting that is stronger and more durable than those normally found in office supplies shops.

Normally, these meshes are used on sliding surfaces in churches or on churches. Wheelchair pads are often made of elastic material that is stuck or bonded to wheelchair platforms to offer some resilience during use. Often used to help prevent scratching of ecclesiastical gymnasium flooring or sidewalks due to walking or sitting in benches, it offers economic floor matting and running gear.

Additionally, a clear vinylic rug protection is available from matt manufacturer Max Mat, Inc. for use in areas where excessive rug movement leads to dust or abrasion on the rug. Due to security reasons, most cathedrals buy water draining matting for their own areas. This mat also provides support for feet and legs for those who need to stay longer.

At Mats, Inc. we offer steps made of gum, vinyls and metals / steps for staircases and staircases of churches. There is a wide range of standard stairs for easy, middle and difficult transport in a variety of colours and designs. Steps with sand strips for the partially sighted can also be offered.

Most of our steps have suitable staircases and landings. The mat first eliminates the debris and then contains it deeply in the beads. Notice: Not advisable when rolling heavier devices over mat. Edge trimming available for wall installation or quadratic trimming for installation use. Used most often when soil conservation and security are critical.

The mat is easier to handle in the freezing temperatures than vinyls. Identical to our regular mat, but at a very competitive cost. Used most often when soil conservation and security are critical. Crystal clear running mats with minute "grippers" on the back hold them safely in place, but don't harm your rug.

It can be directly bonded or made into made-to-measure meshes with edges on all sides. Company logo or artwork can be added for an individual look. With 10 different colours to match any room layout. Offers a higher wiping performance than other conventional olefin matting.

65 mil long lasting sturdy vinylic backing reducing motion of the mats.

A 80 mil long lasting, sturdy vinylic backing reduce the motion of the mats. The transition pad eliminates debris, chippings and damp before it reaches your business. Featuring 19 oz per sq m of endless felt, Terry Pol-olefin in combination with woven Pol-Propylene tape in a terry pole design to eliminate debris and humidity from footwear floors and keep them beneath the topcoat.

A 80 mil long lasting, sturdy vinylic backing reduce the motion of the mats. All our profiles are made of high grade, hard-wearing aluminium with our own unique security protection area. 9/32 " thick with 1 1 1/8" lug. Optionally available with line of sight or with luminous, black front rim for an extra charge. Staircase with moderate stress.

Type B. 3/16" thick, 12" thick, 1 1/4" quadratic or bent. Does not contain fibrous material of a sbestos, made of high-quality, homogenous vinyls, coloured throughout. Originally the jewel -shaped staircase shaped gum my be, half gum -shaped look, half glossy, with a longer variable nostril. The Diamant designer finish is 6" thick and provides a footprint that meets the needs of pedestrians.

1/4 " full nasal width, 12 1/4" deeper and 1 1/4" deeper inner nasal. The steps are available with either two 3/4" security stripes, a 2" security bar or a 2" luminescent bar. The outdoor rubber stair carpet is an outstanding profile for outdoor use. Manufactured from 100% recycled tyres.

Silver plated 9 " thick with a 3 " flat back edge. 1/4 " full nasal width, 12 1/4" deeper and 1 1/4" deeper inner nasal. Adjustable to levels between 90° and 60°, the new adjusta nut running track pattern is easy to use. Ideally suited for publics where fire protection is a priority.

1/4 " full thick nostrils, 12 1/2 " deeper and 1 7/8 " deeper inner nostrils, flat back edge is 3 " deeper. The steps are available with either two 3/4" security stripes, a 2" security bar or a 2" luminescent bar. Clear matting that makes the look of your carpet or floor visible but protects it from dust and soiling.

They are made of an acrylicsheet with flat, round corners. Matting cannot be sent via UPS. Acryl matting has no guarantee. Wear proof and translucent to reveal the beauties of your rug. There is no other blanket that has all these qualities. Not only is the pad highly durable, it is also very durable against greases, oil and greases.

Rinse away lightly dust and fat. Matting is available with drain hole. Robust 7/8" thick foam design for damp environments. Comes in a fat proof matt in either dark or dark-coloured. Also available in a grain finish for added grip. Eventually a full-featured pad with all the functions you need.

Moulded with grease-resistant characteristics for years of use. Comes in universal dark grey, greaseproof grey or grey with a grainy finish for improved pull. 100% antistatic 100% thick fabric provides excellent absorbency and strength. Dirty material is filtered into the pad instead of staying on top.

The environmentally sound SBR backing is made from 20% recyclable gum and is available with a plain or bonded backing. Obtainable with 100% nitrile elastomer backing resisting oils and greases when application requires extra resistance to oils and greases. Stacking guard with StainStopper coat to keep the pad beautiful longer. National Floor Safety Institute certification for anti-skid properties.

Dry, the rubber-reinforced finish allows moisture to flow away from the freeloader to the bottom of the pad, creating a non-slip finish. Elastic knobs help keep the nap from being crushed in busy areas, preserving high power and increasing durability. "The edge of the "water dam" keeps debris and moisture in the pad and away from the ground, minimising the risk of slipping and grounding.

The environmentally compatible floor consists of 20% recyclable gum and is available in plain or sanded versions. National Floor Safety Institute certification for anti-skid properties. It is available in the versions Classic Gummirand or Stoffmode Rand. Convertible loops are made of synthetic material that captures dust and humidity while at the same time scratching off dust from your footwear. The thick vinylsoam backing keeps the pad in place.

Track and trace soil and humidity is minimised and protects your cleaner flooring and carpeting. Help prevent expensive slipping and falling injuries and meet stringent OSHA security norms. It can be used inside and outside, either damp or damp, also around oils and greases. Photorealistic pictures, print-ready templates, sounds and shading are created with incomparable detail and clearness.

Colour match with PMS possible for an extra charge. The forehead knobs are strengthened with elastic to prevent pinching, maintain high power and prolong service time. Remove and trap debris and humidity and keep them on the pad below the boot height so that they are not trailed. Hardwearing, long-lasting safety shrouds work miracles in environments where friction is critical.

Made of 100% vulcanized steel latex for protection against oils and chemicals. 20 percent recyclable amount of rubbers after consumption. Shaped forehead boots serve as wipers to wipe off severe soiling and stains from footwear and offer an outstanding non-slip finish. Reproducing subtle detail, shadows and 3D pictures is easy with our state-of-the-art desktop printers.

100 percent high quality gum pad with durable antistatic polyamide rug for years of problem free use. The environmentally sound underlay contains 15% - 20% recyclable material. It is available with a flat and clear back. Obtainable with oil/grease proof 100% nitrile back when an application requires extra protective film. primary substratum provides a powerful bonding between gum and rug.

National Floor Safety Institute certificated skid resistance.

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