Orange Doormat

Doormat Orange

With this orange Halloween floor mat you can spice up your front door. Bring a champagne doormat with you. Instant Review Selected color: Orange. Don't miss this deal on shaky greetings "framework" orange doormat from Waverly. Manufactured from coconut fibre, our floor mats are thick and ready to remove mud directly from the bottom of the shoe.

Doormat Saran, Orange

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Bottles of orange roses regular doormat

A beautiful, classic rose vase pattern in orange and gray shades, painted on a pigeon gray and imprinted on a 100% coconut mat. The coconut mats are thick and made of coconut fibre with outstanding scrape-resistance. Sturdy, long-lasting and well manufactured, these floor mats give your door the ideal decorative note and at the same time are extremely handy.

Deeply penetrating into the coconut fibers, the dyestuff ensures a long-lasting finishing and years of use. Dimensions: 75 cm long, 45 cm broad, 4 cm low. *In order to guarantee the best possible service and lasting appearance of your doormat, please make sure it does not get too damp, allow it to quickly drip after wetting, and be careful that cat and bird scratches can cause damaging and excess hair loss.

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