Outdoor Anti Slip Mat

Anti-slip outdoor mat

Purchase durable anti-slip mats to avoid the risk of slipping and travel in the workplace. For indoor and outdoor use; good drainage; hygienic. For indoor and outdoor use, wet and dry applications.

High load capacity; Excellent drainage; Non-slip shaft construction. Nonwoven fabric; Characteristics: waterproof,corrosion-resistant,crease-resistant,non-slip; Use:

Rolls of rubber mats - Rubber mats

Available in customized size, our high performance matting is ideally suited for use in a wide range of interior and exterior environments. Whether it' s to provide anti-slip performance in damp areas or just to protect your floor from dirt and dirt damages, matting is a cost-effective, simple to fit installation for you. Actually, there is a blanket for almost every use.

Besides their shock-absorbing characteristics, polyurethane doormats can also be used to attenuate acoustic propagation. Laying elastic floors with studs can help alleviate wheel vehicle clutter and pedestrian congestion in your aisles, hallway and entrance areas. Just buy a roller mat and you can adjust it according to the dimensions of your room.

Putting a blanket on every company entrance could significantly cut the amount of dedust and pollution traced on all your company's grounds. Exterior matting can be used for a wide range of outdoor uses that include play areas, terraces, access roads and docks. Exterior elastic floorings can be used to provide protection for exterior areas while at the same time minimising the chance of slipping.

In addition, outdoor caoutchouc extends the outdoor durability of the outdoor covering against damages caused by wheel drive cars and pedestrian use. Exterior rubbers also have farming use. The Agri-Mat is an ultra strong, durable mat developed for horse riding and milk products. Gummimatten are not only used for the protection of floors.

Indeed, you should also consider the use of UTE pads for boat, noises, delivery van and behind grids and slip down platforms. Perforations in the UTE mat are engineered to allow draining when used in humid environments. The UTE mat is made of virgin latex and is available in an optional version in latex for fat and oily environments.

It is necessary to attach a mat of elastic material to each dangerous area of your working place in order to minimise the risk of harmful accidents at work. Luckily, the mat is incredibly simple to deploy and service, saving your company valuable resources and work. Allway will do everything it can to make your Melbourne needed resilient floors efficient, from delivery to installation, from removal of tiles to screed notches.

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