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With our Acanthus Outdoor Monogramm coconut mats for outdoor use you can prepare a personal reception. This coconut mats are provided with a beautiful black acanthus leaf border. Christmas Tree Monogram World Vacation Indoor/Outdoor Doormat. Conspicuous entrance mats for the interior. The mats also become larger in the area of the surface in order to minimize the risk of injury.

Doormats for outdoor use

Not only are WPC planks made from recyclable timber and sawn plastics non-toxic, they are also more long-lasting than traditional pressure-treated sawn timber. WPC decks are not limited by the fields and surroundings, the benefits of which are fully reflected in the terrace, veranda, gardens, pools, parks, clubs, living areas, landscape gardening, bridges, docks and many other outdoor areas, and which meet the mental demands of today's urban dwellers.

55 percent wooden fibre (professionally processed dried wooden fibre) + 35 percent HDPE (grade A recycled HDPE) + 10 percent chemicals additive such as anti-UV agents, anti-oxidants, stabilisers, dyes, antifungals, adhesion promoters, reinforcements, lubricants...etc. The appearance of untreated lumber, but fewer lumber issues. Equipped with a feeling for virgin nature and structure of heartwood, the colour can also be adapted to the different personalities of the customer.

Coconut mats for outdoor use Acanthus Outdoor Monogram

With our outdoor coconut mats you can prepare a personal reception. With centuries-old technologies passed down through generation after generation, our floor mats made of synthetic fibre will make a worthy claim when placed in front of your front doors, porch or on your decks. Featuring a beautiful blackened Akanthus leaves edge, these green mats help keep dirt out of the house and retain damp.

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Monogramm Christmas Tree Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mats

Monogramm Christmas Tree World Vacation Indoor/Outdoor Doormat. Make a cordial and cordial reception for your visitors! - Penetration 100% 20oz polyester strap rug with satin finish and satin finish. Features an anti-slip finish and an anti-slip back. Ideal for indoors and out. -Maintenance - Cleaning your hands with cold or hot tap and drying in the open fire.

  • Packing - The small and middle sized boats are packed in a 6x6x24 boxes, the biggest boats in a 2x7x37 boxes. - Each article is manufactured separately and the manufacturing period is 3 to 4 workingdays before shipping.

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