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The Aussie Outdoor Mates is a family-run company with a love of nature. Maté is a versatile article that does everything we choose to do to use it. Patio Mate is easy to use and can easily be attached to any standard umbrella stand. First Mate Outdoor Stuff welcomes you. You' re about to enjoy the American Made Outdoor products for Outdoorsmen designed by Outdoorsmen.

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Rugged, metallic powder-coated pole with a single bolt on the laser-cut beverage mount to support tins, stubbys, cups, wineglasses and bottle of either white wines or sparkling champ. Mate is 90 cm high and has a leg stabilizer that helps you squeeze it into the floor. Can be screwed in two parts, so that it will fit well into the 50cm long x 20cm thick dark pocket.

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There are 7 (kind of) clever ways to use your drinking companion.

Susie Outdoor Mates' The Drink Mate is one of those campsite accessoires that makes fairgoers whisper quietly...most likely because the main purpose of the drink mate is three things: booze, crisps, and you guess it, buddies. Grab a Mickey Mate Mickey, put in a flask of white wines, a few beer, a pack of crisps, your buddies, your friends, your families and a shot of good old Australian bonfire howl, and you'll have a camp site excursion to memorize (or forget).

Outdoria' creativity staff here at Outdoria thought we'd see what other uses we could find for our Beverage Mate: and kid, we have some (so to speak) smart uses for you. With Outdoria we think that a lifetime with sacceles stumps is not a lifetime live! Book a few seats on your mate for your favorite dressings and spices and buy a second mate as a spice station: because beverage racks are precious properties.

Like most things, angling and beers go well together with beer: very well. However, how many tail keepers take care of your brews and your sandwiches while you try to get the Oceania speck home? During a recent camp site visit we found that thedrink mate worked as a perfect fit central tail support that kept our reel out of the mud and water.

When you' re done starting your angling again, just lay down your brew and get your tail to spool in the big one. Exclusion of liability: Outdoria-and-Aussie-Outdoor-Mates do not assume any liability for those who leave because you leave your pole unsupervised in the middle of a fire. Delivered with your Beverage Mate, the dish is ideal for crisps and rehydrating dogfights after a long stroll. It is highly recommended that you get two mates, as blending the cup and swarf tray is unavoidable and somewhat coarse.

Sands in your beers. Don't settle for this kind of barbarian treat: take your Mickey Mate with you to the shore and make a sand-free refreshment and shelter. Applesauce should not get thursty anymore, because the mate has the perfectly (faked) high. Actually, it's so good that we think you'll soon be using your mate drinking in the showers.

It not only contains everything you need to purify yourself - shower gel, rinse, loofah, bar of water, bar of water, bar of water, bar of water, bar of water, etc. - but it also contains everything you need to purify yourself - for those wildlife out there that are surprised - but it manages to create the only scene that surpasses the classical shower berry absolutely...wait for it..... FREIBRAUSE BEERS!!!!!!!! Outdoor Shower Beer: the ultimate highlight of beer-driven recreation.

Purchase a Mickey Mate, open your first Outdoor Shower Beer with the integrated water cooler and thank us later. From here, where can the drinking companion go? Mate is a drinking inspiration taken from a longing for good days in Australia's nature. While some of the (kind of) smart applications we've proposed might go a little far (apart from the Shower Mate, which is obviously ingenious), our effort has been fuelled by the fact that the Shower Mate really stimulates the creative process.

They can be shaped to hold either wines or beers, but you can just as simply put in a variety of tips; a fragrant candlestick to make a fancy candlelight meal, or stack them up with verdant smoothie for health-conscious people. Even better, Aussie Outdoor Mates is just getting underway.

I want you to meet the Dunny Mate. This prethreaded fixing point means you don't have to buy a whole new Mate to use this new accessory. Mate... Mate... and keep an eye on this room! Do not use your beverage partner for anything that could invalidate the manufacturer's guarantee unless you are trying to repair it at your own cost.

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