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Carpets & door mats for outdoor use See the following listing to make sure that all articles in your order can be sent to your final location. Some of the limited elements are: Large or specially treated articles (identified by extra shipping and service fees shown on the detailed page of the product). Dangerous substances, living plant substances, airborne substances, foodstuffs, perishables and other goods which may not be exported.

Elements with license limitations. Personalised elements.

Carpets & Mats Outdoor

Offering slender and long-lasting design in a range of different lifestyles, our affordably priced outdoor carpets and outdoor mats are all designed for either rainy or sunny days. Travelling around the globe, we provide you with an unrivalled range of handmade outdoor carpets and mats. Experience our thrilling range of weatherproof outdoor carpets and mats to find an abundance of style that defines the decks or terraces.

Carpets and mats are a great match for our outdoor terrace furnishings and long-lasting outdoor pillows to help you build the outdoor world. In India, our outdoor carpets are handmade from 100% 100% polyesters, made from recyclable synthetic bottled waters, with 80 to 320 bottled waters that are reused to make any carpet!

Chic, environmentally aware and as long-lasting as our mats, our hand-woven outdoor carpets are engineered to last on the terrace, decks, pavilions and other outdoor areas. Featuring a feeling of softness under your feet, these all-round carpets are just as perfectly placed inside as the suggested use of our non-slip carpet cushions. Place them in highly frequented areas such as the games room, galley or cellar or use them to accentuate your carpets and carpet runs.

Fast vacuuming or suctioning makes these easy-care carpets new again. All our outdoor carpets have unique design that you won't find anywhere else. Streaked and dyed through, our carpets include pastel, pailey, cup and rim carpets and carpets with beautiful motifs of arabesques, tiles and circles ranging from classic to modern.

Discover our stunning range of carpets to find the colours, textures, styles, sizes and styles that will brighten up your home. The mats are lightweight enough to be carried to the shore or parks. Made from 100% cottons, our 100% pick nic covers have integrated handle and hook and loop fasteners to make sure they are portable and easily stowed.

No matter what your outdoor requirements are, we have you under control.

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