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Britain's best supplier of safety mats, safety mats, playground safety mats, outdoor safety mats, playground tiles and all safety floor coverings. In order for your children not to be included in these statistics, you should consider installing safety mats for playgrounds. Our range of rubber mats with maximum grip is suitable for outdoor walkways, sidewalks, terraces, wooden beams and roofs. This outdoor mat is well known for its unique features such as fatigue protection, fall protection and quick drainage and can be easily installed and fixed. You need outdoor protective mats?

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Our company offers a wide variety of gymnasium and children's mats, designed for both indoors and outdoors use, as well as day nurseries, school, restaurant and more. One of the many advantages associated with Melbourne's playing field and fitness mats are among others: Mats can help prevent injuries in both gyms and playgrounds as they are softter than the floor.

No matter whether you drop loads or run across the surfaces of children, Melbourne's gymnastics mats are unbelievably long-lasting. A major reason for using mats on the playground is that they are more readily available than other options such as mulching. Outdoor applications are tolerant to weather, heat and moisture.

Let's face it - gymnasiums and playing fields can be loud places. Luckily, our mat can help absorbing some of this sound.

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You can see a large selection of Safety Mats here. Becoming acquainted with the functioning of these mats is not a complicated job. All you need to know is that safety mats will make you thrive even better. Shift mats allow you to get less fat and slip. This is not possible without the use of safety floors.

For the safety of your floor, the items we offer are highly durable, easy to clean and even non-greasy. With our Safety Mats you are also free from all kinds of bacteria infection. Antislip floor coverings are the ultimative outcome of all this heavy work.

You too get easy acces to our thick safety mats. The mats are sturdy enough to perform all work.

Accessible, simple to install, protective!

Amazing figures published by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) show that every year about 200,000 kids are admitted to hospitals in the U.S. for treatment for injury from playing field devices. Approximately 150,000 of these violations come from open courts and 50,000 from home courts (http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/323.html). In order for your kids not to be included in these stats, you should consider the installation of safety mats for playing areas.

Outdoor play areas can drastically decrease the risk of a falling that seriously damages or injures a baby. Whilst many publics park outdoor floors for playing grounds are made of gum, many home owners do not think enough of their own ground area for playing grounds in their own garden! Playing devices should never be directly mounted on lawn or cement, but on a kind of protection layer.

Whilst there are many ways to protect playing area floors, the many safety features below make the use of recycled flooring recommended: Firm surface, neat edges: Whereas splinters of cement and fissures will flake off after some period of use, gum flooring remains slippery or, if broken, can be exchanged by snapping a spare plate into the place of the broken part.

Sleek finish minimizes the risk of stumbling on rough floors. Baby Protective Mats are also usually supplied with a ramp that outlines the circumference of the playing area to make sure that kids are less likely to stumble over the tile edge as the tile is higher than the substrate.

In the case of a hard top layer, shards of shard or shards of shard remain on the top layer instead of being buried or masked as in the case of a loosely filled top layer (e.g. sand!). The installation of a full body gum playing field also requires little effort to thoroughly wipe the whole playing field - simply with a fast swing or wipe.

A clean playing area makes the sanitation of the playing area more efficient, so that all younger kids who put things in their mouth are less likely to have serious hygiene problems. Ultrahigh-life, homemade rubber tiles, ideal for playgrounds and gyms! Ultrahigh-life, homemade rubber tiles, ideal for playgrounds and gyms!

Recyclable tiles, cushions fall up to 6 foot high! Recyclable tiles, cushions fall up to 6 foot high! The use of a baby safety pad significantly lowers the risks of falling and slipping, as the natural high drag factor of natural rubbers improves grip. Because kids walk at every turn, it is important to have a non-slip business and living space for playgrounds.

Whilst it is inevitable that slides occur, the number of unintended releases is dramatically reduced if a non-slip outdoor play mat is provided. Resilient mats are tight and resilient when touched. In the event that a baby either stumbles or drops out of a larger frame, the cushioning of the pad helps prevent more serious injuries.

Probably the most important safety aspect, the outer floor caoutchouc for children's games, provides a padded, soft finish for added safety. Although a protective blanket made of gum cannot fully avoid pains, it does considerably diminish the danger of serious injuries. "Aim of this product is to set minimal shock absorption standards for play areas in order to minimize the risks of serious injuries to the heads due to falling.

" This is the safety level for all open spaces. Private as well as communal areas for playing areas must comply with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission safety regulations to make sure that your loved ones are adequately shielded from hazardous injury from playing devices. Whilst it is not possible to gurantee no injury, try to prevent the most hazardous and heaviest by installation of a rubber outer play mat.

Exterior playground decks are available in toothed versions. Being afraid of laying complex floor coverings no longer means being afraid of using state institutions and courtyard children's areas. However, for better safety in urban areas, you should persuade your local authority to use safety tile for your neighbourhood's children's areas. An infant safety blanket made of gum is a convenient and affordably priced protective coating to make sure your loved ones are safely protected.

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