Oversized door Mats Outdoor

Outdoor oversized door mats

We have several options of large outdoor floor mats with sales, offers and prices of brands you trust. Locate the large outdoor floor mats you are looking for. The Coastal Doormats collection offers high-quality, durable outdoor mats, carpets and entrance decorations for every area of your beach house. Oversized stairs that need some personality. High performance decorative floor mat rubber outdoor decor welcome floor mat Patio #Milliard.

Door mats for shops

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Floor Mats & Welcome Mats

Go over our peculiar floor mats and welcome mats to keep the dirt out where it should be. Floor mats are a welcome complement to any home! Much of our floor mats are made from shell fibre, also called Kokosnusfaser, not only because of their naturally radiant appearance, but also because of their thickness and longevity.

Coconut fibres are characterised by a rough structure which enables them to resist everyday use in heavily frequented areas. Browse our range of coconut mats adorned with flower motifs, contemporary geometrical printing and seasonally designed works of art. We also provide ecological mats with Indian inspiration design, zuzani pattern and kelim print. Try a simple plain coconut matt for a more varied organically look.

There are also floor mats made of gum suitable for footwear and everyday sand. Or select a colourful handmade mesh made from recyclable material to create an environmentally friendly and globally inspiring edging. The mats give an welcoming sound when you enter and are a good reminder when you hurry out the door. Floor mats are especially indispensable in households with domestic animals.

Pet enthusiasts will enjoy our range of mats suitable for the filthiest feet. Co-ordinate your floor mat with our range of interior and exterior mats and carpets with eco-friendly passille, locket, stripe, grid and tiles patterns for a lively, composite look. Most of our outdoor carpets are reversible and offer two looks at an accessible cost.

Doormats are a welcome complement to any door step and only one of the ways to improve your outdoor environment. We offer a wide range of glockenspiels, wooden glockenspiels, shell glockenspiels, bamboo glockenspiels and floating glockenspiels, handmade by craftsmen from all over the world. You will also find delightful glockenspiels with animals such as animals, lions, cats, and more.

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