Oversized Floor Mats

Extra large floor mats

Hom / Shop / School floors & entrance mats / Oversized entrance mats. You can order large entrance mats from Commercial Mats & Rubber today. The oversized mats will help primary school children visualize their mathematical activities as they develop a variety of mathematical skills. These oversized floor mats protect your floors and equipment and are large enough for most treadmills, ellipses, steppers and other large training equipment. Professional looking logo mats, commercial quality entrance mats, industrial safety mats, custom logo message mats.

Hard training can be even harder on your floors, so protect your carpet, wood or laminate floors with the ProForm Oversized Treadmill floor mat.


A major disadvantage of most floor mats, especially Waterhog mats, is the limited size available. The majority of mats are no more than 6 ft in width (as most twin) door mats have this width. From a 6' broad reel, the goods were trimmed, backed, chamfered and completed, and there was nothing to do.

We now have two different option for oversized Waterhog mats where both width and length are greater than 6ft. We can use a wide range of different Waterhog floor tiles to suit practically any dimension and form for installation application where the floor is inlayed.

However, for most sites where the mats are placed on an already completed floor (either carpeting or a rigid finish such as timber, tiles, veneer, terracotta or concrete), Waterhog Berber Roller Mats are the right choice. The Waterhog mats are available in a width range of only 3' to 12' - twice the size of any other entry mats.

The Waterhog floor mat tiles are available in four different designs and, according to the designs, up to 27 different colours in two different heights. Different designs provide a wide range of esthetic possibilities while at the same time removing grime, dust and humidity from footwear and aggressive boot cleaning. Waterhog's 1/4" and 7/16" thick versions are designed to allow the Waterhog floor tiles to be installed level with the existing floor to provide a smooth running track and comply with ADA regulations.

The Waterhog Berber floor mats can be manufactured in a size of only 2' x 3' and 12' x 60' and have a heightened nail design that will clean footwear regardless of travel directions. The mats can be trimmed to size increments (i.e. broken) and even to non-rectangular forms. Bordering is not necessary if the mats are placed from side to side or on one side of the Waterhog roll mat where no persons enter or exit (or trolleys, dollys).

More colours and designs will be available in the near term, but for the time being the large selection of large Waterhog mats for installation and assembly should cover practically any use.

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