Oversized welcome Mat

Extra large welcome mat

Welcome your guests in classical elegance with our oversized Welcome Mat. Greet your guests at home with our stylish coconut mat. Big doormats are designed for use in entrance areas with wide double doors. Select from floor mats in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles. This attractive welcome mat is durable and long-lasting.

Oversize " Welcome " coconut mat with flower edge

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Big door mat on eBay.

Rebellion pet door mat deer. It is an absorptive, non-slip blanket that can be fully washed in the washing machines if required. Genuine Victorian wrought iron effect in the exterior or interior non-slip rubber door mat - 120cm x 45cm. On the back side, the floor mat has a non-slip, grain patterned structure. A lavish Victorian design, wrought iron effect, rubber door mat.

The EHC Extreme large Victorian wrought iron effect for exterior or interior use..... Exterior or interior EHC large Victorian wrought iron effect EHC non-slip rubber door mat-120cm x 45cm, 120_x_45_cm. The EHC Extreme large Victorian wrought iron effect for exterior or interior use..... The EHC Large Victorian Wrought Iron Effect on the outside or inside of a non-slip rubber door mat - 120cm x 45cm.

The mat is made of tough, hard-wearing, moulded, recyclable gum for durability. HARD-WEARING POLYPROPYLENE HIGH PERFORMANCE PROTECTIVE MAT. The material has a water and a dirty absorbent that cannot be used on flat surface such as tiles/ laminate floors, LINO. EAVYUTY. The mat is made of tough, hard-wearing, moulded, recyclable gum for durability.

Long, broad, heavy-duty Bordeaux. For exterior and interior use. Designed for year-round use indoors and outdoors.

Big mats

Big floor mats are conceived for use in entrances with large twin door. In contrast to conventional floor mats, a twin floor mat is able to occupy a larger area. One large entry mat can be used to accommodate an area where two or more mats of normal size are required. Put a long floor mat on your large door to give your home a more finished look.

Big floor matting can be offered in a wide range of aesthetic styles. Much of the artwork on our large welcome matting is stenciled onto the coconut sheet. This coconut fibre, which is used in the manufacture of these large floor matting units, makes them environmentally sound to use. Coconut fibre is a fibre obtained from the external shells of a coconut.

Coconut fibre manufacturing processes are naturally occurring and free of artificial chemical substances. A large part of the coconut by-products are biologically degradable. Advantage of an environmentally sound coconut fibre floor mat is the affordable price of these items. In the end, environmentally aware large welcome matting is about more than just affordable.

The coconut fibre in each large mat allows them to be placed outside in all weathers of the year. That means that large coconut fibre floor mats can even endure warm summers with high ultraviolet and ultraozone content. Coconut fibre can resist humidity in the shape of precipitation and snows during the autumn and autumn winters.

Coconut fibre is extremely resilient to damages caused by contact with fresh air. Big welcoming matting made of this nature fibre is not exposed to the humidity related dangers of mould and powdery mildew. Therefore the matting can be used as a welcome mat. Width, two-door entrances must be protected with large floor matting all year round, so it is advisable to use coconut fibre matting.

Big floor matting made of coconut fibre can help to avoid this. Because of its thick and rough natural texture, coconut fibre is ideally suited for use on oversized mat doors. Coconut fibres from a large entry mat are used to remove surplus soil, sludge, sand, leafs and other external deposits from all shoe sorts.

If you have a large or long floor mat at your two-door entrance, you will take a more pro-active approach to keep your home tidy for both you and your visitors. Simply the sizing of large floor mats gives them a significant advantage in removing debris in comparison to their smaller, more common mates.

Given that a twin floor mat is by default bigger, it can accommodate more than one individual on its interface. That means that at least two pair of legs can be present on these oversized doormats at any given moment to scrape off soiling. Their coconut materials on these broad blankets make sure they stay at your entrance for years in all weathers.

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