Padded Floor Mats

Upholstered floor mats

The soft tiles are perfect for creating a soft landing zone for toddlers or as modular floor tiles for playgrounds in the nursery. Store for foam multi-purpose floors in floor coverings. Take a look at our selection of upholstered floor mats to get the best from unique or custom handmade pieces from our flooring and carpet stores. Under extreme conditions, foam floors tend to expand. Here is the main tip to protect your foam floor from buckling to expansion.

Smooth training mats, foam training mats and jigsaw tile interlocks

At times one wishes for the harshest, stiffest and most impermeable floor covering. Our flexible mats are like a good mother as a floor covering for delicate minds and body - powerful and robust, but still smooth and comfortable. Those smooth floor mats help you, console you and keep you warmed. Which other floor covering can pride itself on that?!

It' truth, our softly padded mats are kind of magic. Wouldn't it be great if you could train on a smooth, cuddly, comfortable pad that felt like a cushion on your ankles? There are many flexible lather training mats that will help you get through your workout with at least a little less ache.

We have the possibility of adapting the flexible floor to your room and your needs perfect from one-piece EVA expanded plastic mats up to intermeshing flexible expanded plastic floor mats. These important times of baby growth often become a cause of distress and disappointment. Of course it does if your little one burns from your carpeting or gets big shocks on his face from the floor.

With this sounding like you, smooth foams playing mats for infants could just be the cure to your bulbous Zeitelenden. In fact, you can even begin with our foamy literary pad that can wax with your baby as it turns into an infant. Featuring flexible mats that teach geometry, numbers, pets and more, you're sure to find the ideal softplay mats for your child to leave your memory alive.

It' kinda awesome, my really choosy buddies, we want to make you feel lucky, so we are offering mesh flexible expanded plastic mats of expanded plastic tile to make the right fit and form for your room. Featuring a variety of colours and themes to select from, you don't have to adapt to the "normal".

Our flexible floor mats are available in a variety of thicknesses. Larger mats are better. Usually larger mats are more resistant and impact absorbing, making them a better option for more intensive training, jump and longer durability. You can choose from 1/4 " to 1-1/2" thick stock option, so there are many possibilities to choose from.

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