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Store Better Homes & Gardens has amazing patio door mats New Year's sale. Curious, extra long doormat for all wine lovers terrace doors. This outdoor mat is perfect for front door and patio doors. Ideal for exterior and interior doors. Excellent use in garage, laundry, fitness room, camping/leisure area and on the terrace.

Which size of entrance mat is right for you?

When it comes to doing good things, it'?s size that counts. However, as a small businessman you know that larger and better is not always truth. Faced with scarce resource and tight budget, you need to focus on choosing the right fit. They want to have a mark that is visual but not excessive, occupy a working area that is sufficient but not too large, and are offering rebates that are attracting clients without ruining the shop.

And the same reasoning goes for the entrance mat dimensions needed for your small company. Too big a mat is too expensive and awkward, but too small a mat will not keep your surfaces dry and free of damp. What is the ideal mat for beginners? This is the first general principle when selecting a mat: it should have a width equivalent to or greater than 80 per cent of the width of your front door.

So, if you have a regular outer door that is three ft thick, your mat should be at least 28.8 inch thick. However, if your entrance is equipped with twin gates, you are probably looking at a width of six ft, which would mean your mat should be at least 4 ft, 9.6 in. width.

Be sure to check the width of your front door; a mat that is too small may not offer enough space for your customer to walk on when entering your company. Since you have set the width of your boarding mat, it is up to you to find out the length.

In the ideal case, you want your mat to allow anyone who walks over it to tread on it twice lightly (once for each foot). Finally, it is useless to wash a boot when the other is likely to have just as much mud and humidity on it; and you don't want your customer to have to stammer to wash both your legs on the mat.

Whilst paces differ from individual to individual, a length of at least four ft should be sufficient to achieve your two-stage objective. However, if your company car park is unsecured, you should choose a longer mat so that clients can take three or four easy trips to clean their shoes of debris, sludge and soil.

However, the only other measure to consider when selecting an entrance mat is the distance under your door. When you have an entrance barrier, this will probably not be a problem. However, if the distance between the bottom and bottom of your door is less than the mat width, the door will glue or stop if you try to open it over the mat.

Naturally, you can always place your entrance mat on the opposite side of the door from which the door hinge is attached to prevent this from happening. Even they manufacture customized dimensions for companies that have one-of-a-kind front door requirements. Furthermore, the customer can select from several non-rectangular forms and even have his company name or company logotype imprinted on the entrance mat.

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