Pebble door Mat

Kieselsteintür Matte

Handmade in Australia, our mats are made from natural river pebbles on an all-weather mat. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. A pebble mat in a high-end magazine inspired my latest creation. Here is the coolest doormat ever, and you can easily make one yourself! It is a good idea whether you need a mat for your closed porch or your bathroom.

To The Pebble Co.

All our lovely blankets are made in Australia, all handmade by the ingenious eyes of a dear boyfriend we hired nine years ago in the Deaf Society. Our gravel stones all come from regenerative rivers in Southeast Asia. This mat is an all-weather, anti-fouling and highly UV-resistant material that dries quickly and is mildew-free.

Our gravel stones are all drummed and uncut for a non-slip surface that smooths under the feet. Our standing mat can be used in many places in the house - canteen, bath, terrace, door, outside showers, under the grill, paths and or stepped pavement. Our matting is made with a lot of care and each mat is one of a kind.

We' re hoping you like your new mat as much as we do.

PEBBLE DOOR MAT stone, hand-made stone mats with synthetic handcrafted materials

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Making a DIY River Rock Doormat

Here is the most cool floor mat ever, and you can make one yourself! The great thing about this mat is that it quickly vaporizes moisture (depending on the material used) and odours do not develop. Unlike cloth door matting it is also simpler to keep cleaned - just rinse with a tubing and the debris would be gone!

Do you think your home could use a floor mat made of fluvial rocks? You' re gonna need those materials:

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