Personalised Christmas Mat

Christmas personalized mat

PREFERENCES FOR PERSONAL CHRISTMAS DOORMATS - These floor mats are perfect for spreading Christmas joy to all your visitors. Breathtaking, simple leather mat. Greet your family and friends with your personal Christmas floor mat this season. Merry Christmas Mr Yetti Personalized Mouse Mat This personalized mouse mat gives you the feeling that you have been given an extra life. The laminated mats make cleaning child's play!

Personalized Christmas Door Mat

Correction texts must be sent correctly at the moment of the order in the instructions for the vendor. There is no assurance that your order will be delivered to the performer in a timely manner before it is processed. In the event of an issue, the customer must reimburse the cost of the returned product, but we will refund the cost to the customer) This also includes the cost of proofing.

Non-personalized items will be refunded if you wish to give them back due to changes in workmanship or opinion. Please inform us within 3 workingdays after receipt of your order. The goods must be in their orginal state and in their orginal packing. We do not grant parts rebates, you must restore the item to its factory working order to receive a rebate.

There are no refund or refund offers for personalized items. Within three working days following delivery of your product, please notify us. Keep your packing and write down the date of delivery to the vendor on the packing. In order to insure your package, please drop it off at the Australian postal office and make sure you have a voucher for confirmation of shipment.

Then we will ship you a substitute for your product or a full refund upon your product returns. We kindly ask for your understanding that all articles must be sent back in their orginal state, in the orginal packing and in the orginal dispatch. The articles must be in a reclosable state or in case of damage/faults must be sent back to us in the specified state.

Absent or missed packages: Please be aware that it is the customer's own risk to inspect missed or missed packages. In case your order is not received within 10 working day, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know. We' ll do everything in our power to make sure your package is found. No liability can be accepted for loss or omission of packages that involve tracing in your order.

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Here, too, we always do everything we can to make sure that the speakers in each speaker are packed with air cushion foil and securely closed, but unfortunately it can break from then on. The package will be shipped within 5-7 working day, at peaks up to 10 working day. *Halknco must ascertain that the package is corrupted by photo evidences and the article may or may not be reclaimed.

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