Personalised Coir Mats

Customized coconut mats

Are you looking for personalised door mats for your home or business? The Matshop offers a wide range of high quality mats that are easy to fit. Make a warm welcome for friends, family or customers with our durable, absorbent door mats. Are you looking for new autumn sales on personalised door mats? Customised floor mats that are robust and durable.

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Matshop's personalised doormats are the perfect solution to welcome your visitors, staff or clients as they cross your doorstep. Everyone who steps into your rooms receives your individual embassy, your corporate identity or your company emblem on a high-quality matt that looks good and is well-functioning. Designed to trap dust, deposits and humidity, our mats prevent outside contaminants from spreading inside buildings and keep your interiors cleaner.

Our company can develop tailor-made logomats that can withstand a large number of cadence frequencies and easy cycling. There are a number of different ways we press to make sure that your picture is of the highest possible standard and will not deteriorate or deteriorate over the years. Choosing the kind of pad you want will depend on where you want to place it, whether it is inside or outside, whether it is exposed to strong solar radiation, how crowded the area is, how much pollution it is exposed to, and what picture and logotype you want to use.

We are able to produce up to four colour Crisp Imprint prints of basic signage and up to four colour graphics for moderate use. Here we get a clear picture by flaking your pattern on the blanket. We can use the Graphic Inlay Logotype methodology for high volume areas. Using off-the-shelf colors, the picture will not turn faded or discolored over the years.

Your picture or photo is imprinted in full color with the help of dye mats and then compressed into a blanket or polystyrene finish. Select from indoor logomats, outdoor logomats, full color logomats, anti-fatigue logomats, tile logomats and bar runner logomats. Indoor Logo Mats feature durable nylon mats, nylon twist, polypropylene and 100% natural costume.

It absorbs moisture and pulls debris to the underside of the pad to keep the next one standing on it from entering indoor spaces. The PVC loop mats can be used both inside and outside - and can also be used as anti-slip mats in damp areas.

Select our Heavy Duty Reinforced Logotype Mats if you need a Outdoor Reinforced Mats. Our individually printed Low Profile Outdoor Rubber Scraper matt is used to cast your emblem into the matt during production so that it lasts a lifetime. Select any look or feel you like, even a full color photo, and the color selection is limitless.

Every pattern you select can be printed on this matt and the picture we create will be as detailed as a photo. Not sure which is the best one for your surroundings and your company name?

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