Personalised Floor Mats

Customized floor mats

Individual floor mats are also great housewarming gifts for friends and family. Personalized floor mats can be both fun and functional when used in the kitchen. w href= "/jet-print-school-logo-mats/" title="Jet Print-Collection-Mats" >Jet Printschool Logos Mats

Individual floor mats are the best way to enhance your corporate identity. There' s no better way to connect the functionality of a great doormat with a nice look than with a doormat with a college emblem. Manufactured from the best quality material and using the latest technologies, our floor mats with the school's emblem are designed to last, work beautifully and have an eye-catching outfit.

Our logos entry mats will shape your corporate identity in the right way for both interior and exterior use. The Jet Print Logomat uses a digitally printed method to obtain accurate detail for each logodesign. Designed for works of art with complicated detail. The Premium Carpet Logos are the best carpet mats in the world.

Logomats are characterised by a fluffy, thick and lively rugtop. The Waterhog School logomats offer a distinctive wafer finish designed to remove mud and moisture efficiently while creating a crisp brand. Scraper School scratch pads are non-slip scratch pads with elastic logos. And even when they' re damp, these logomats work really hard to get rid of mud and catch it.

Customer-specific logo floor mats

User-defined size mats are available if they are specified in the Available Sizes chart on each page of the user-defined mats. Indoors Logo mats are usually referred to as wiper mats, which are suitable for cleaning off extra dusts and soiling. Customer specific floor mats are mainly used indoors, but can also be used outdoors (if specified). Customer specific floor mats should be used in combination with a scraper and wiper mats to achieve optimum separation efficiency.

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaners & carpet cleaners

The ground is everywhere! Today's focus on green cleaning and the effects of cleaning a house on human wellbeing make tillage even more important. It is recommended to use at least 10-12 ft high grade mats as part of a Green Cleaning programme. Entry mats can also be stripping mats, which form the first line of defence against the ground.

Rabber mats should always be used in conjunction with squeegee and finishing mats that offer squeegee characteristics to wipe away delicate dirt and moisture from the toes. It is therefore our duty to inform our clients about the ecological advantages of "green" cleansing!

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