Personalised Gym Mats

Gymnastic personalized mats

One-stop shop for personalised fitness mats in Australia. Custom yoga mats, printed with your own photos, designs and offers. Individual yoga mats with practical carrying strap. One of the most popular uses of this service is the placement of custom branding on our stretch mats, weight plates and dumbbells, but the possibilities are really endless. Metal personalized water bottle, WHITE.

Personalized yoga mats | Design your own individual yoga mats

Take a posture and indulge in the ultimative exercise of your favourite sport with our beautifully designed mats. Sanitary, long-lasting, lightweight and equipped with a practical shoulder belt, these personalized Yogamats are ideal for experienced pros or newcomers. For the best possible printing of your beautiful Yogamat, please refer to the maintenance notes and designs.

As with many exercise mats, you may find that your custom tailored mats will be slightly slippery the first time you use them if they are new, so they need to shrink a little. It is very useful and eliminates the need to buy seperate pockets for mats. Each of our personalized gift items is affectionately handcrafted to measure.

Maintenance: Your individual Yogamats should only be cleansed by manually removing the exposed patch or blot with a detergent. Create patternsed Yogamats and use inspiring quotations as motivations for your Asana progression, like "Inhale the future, breathe out the past" and "Body is the bow, Asana is the arrow, soul is the goal".

I thought you said "toga party, not yoga party." Stability and inner power are at the heart of your practice, so adjust your mats with a soothing, etheric template that will help you focus on channeling your beneficial orgasms. A personalized Yogamat is such a sophisticated present for every Yogafriend or family member and they will appreciate the support of their spirit travel.

Imprint your name so it doesn't get confused in your classes, or make a photocollage with different postures that you can use as motivations for practicing.

Individual Print Logos - Yoga Mats

So why not show your own company or work of art to promote your studios and at the same time build confidence and appreciation among your clients. Personalised silkscreen with your own company name, web site, etc., to meet your business or private needs. COLORS: Monochrome prints are the least expensive, but we can also perform full-colour prints on request.

Several pictures are in the same prize, it is only the colours that raise the prize. Naturally you can choose the colours of the matt according to your wishes. We will try to select the nearest available shades of shades if no shades are available. Full-tone colours only (colour at 100% density).

Because of the print method used, gradations and shading are not possible. The MATS can usually be applied to the whole blanket up to 5 cm from the edge, with small logo's being the most used. While the pressure is long-lasting, note that the pressure is beginning to abrade in the most commonly used areas where your fingers and your legs walk, so it's best to place your designs where your fingers and your legs don't go, somewhere along the center, but that's up to you.

Up to 5 cm from the edge we can produce prints. All mats are printed by us by manual printing and since the mats are not even surfaces, it is hard to get an even and even 100% printing on each matt, especially on a large area. For small areas, we can carry out a heat seal printing that provides the best possible results, but is restricted to a max dimension of 300mm x 300mm.

If the printing is in large size, we can only do it manually because there is no other way. Balloons are imprinted with 100mm x 50mm logo and can be placed around any kind of football. Depending on the number of colours and the required amount, but usually 14 workingdays after payment date.

Quotation only for the print (The mats are extras according to what you buy: - print area up to 55 x 30 cm. PRINTING PRINCIPLES REQUIRE AT LEAST 20 YOGA MATS. ONLY FOR YOGAMATS PURCHASED FROM US AND NOT ON MATS YOU MAY ALREADY OWN.

Fifty / matt plus GST imprinted with 1 coloured emblem. Expenses for more colour prints are increasing. Abroad we can also produce - only one ink - on budget mats (at least 200, selection from 11 colours of mats) or Swiss Balls (at least 400). Prints are $200 + 40 Cent / Logotype.

Although most of our mats can be imprinted, there are a few exemptions. You can' t imprint on glossy golf ball, but our pilot can. If you would like to see pictures that we have already used, or if you would like to see a sample paper, please let us know.

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