Personalised Indoor Mat

Individual indoor mat

Work with us on your own personal piece made from our range of designs, colours and sizes. Doormats are safe for use in computer rooms. Hom > Entrance mats > Interior mats > Century Pile Personalized mats. Join a superstar at home with this fun personalized doormat! Their individual message is branded on the mat and ensures longevity.

Personalized photo door mat | Simply load up a photo image on-line.

The indoor matting is manufactured without drain hole, but can also be installed outside if required. Just select your resize, alignment and load your picture and let us do the work. There will be a correction copy that you will need to authorize, so please make sure you complete your order with an e-mail account that you review periodically.

You can also take a picture of an unforgettable sundown or a nice flower in the backyard. Notice: To make your personalized mat, all we need is a high-resolution image of at least 150 DPI to 300 DPI that you can upload*. *The DPI is the abbreviation for Dot Per Ink and is used to describe the dot per inches of a dot per definition in a digitally printed document.

In order to achieve the best print results, we need a minimum 150 DPI photograph. When you have problems to upload your photos, don't be afraid!

Individual Logo Mat - Century Foam & Rubber (Century Foam & Rubber)

Our ability to provide your company with a customized logo mat - be proud of your make and make it the simplest way to improve your corporate identity and drive your company forward. Century Foam and Rubber offers 2 types of custom logo mats: Ask today to improve your company, be it in a store, your offices or in your field... your organization will definitely present itself in a professional way.

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