Personalized car Mats

Customized Car Mats

Car mats that are personalized are more expensive than normal car mats and therefore require more care. They are pretty cool to give your vehicle a certain personality. The list only applies to the two front carpets. Complete set of doormats for front and rear seats. The strongly braided back secures the mats in place.

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Individual car floor mats | Car floor mats Individual with name and logo

Stage 3: You can select a logo/design from our range or submit your own logo/design and let us put your name or any text on your mats! Please note: Our mats can be used universally and are suitable for all standard vehicles. Does the cover match my car?

If you give us your vehicle information, we will ensure that the upholstery matches your seating or that your payment is refunded! We can create front, centre and back upholstery, doormats, swivel chair coverings, safety belts, mirrors, visors, gearshift knobs, handbrake coverings, visors and even cushion coverings, garbage bags and handkerchiefs!

How does the semicustom fitting mean? See the upholstery in your nearest retailer as "universal-fit" upholstery. If your seating has specific features such as arm rests mounted, strap mounts, integral safety harnesses etc, they will not work at all. In addition, if you have side curtains and the upholstery has no opening in them, the curtains will not release in the event of an impact!

So, if you want a fitting that is better than the general purpose sized upholstery, but without the powerful $250+ priceplate for a couple, then the semi-custom sized upholstery is for you. If you tell us your vehicle year, make, your car type and your fairing (2-door/4-door, convertible/coupe, etc.), we will adapt it to your sits.

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