Personalized Coco door Mats

Coco personalised door mats

Hand-woven and your personalization is lightfast. This coconut fibre floor mat, placed in front of your front door, offers your guests a warm welcome, decorated with a scrolling motif and personalised monogram details. Make a warm welcome at home with the right door mat that combines style and function. Coir Inlay Logo Mat is a coconut mat with a statement! Halloween Trick or Treat Personalized Coconut Floor Mat.

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Classical sophistication, styling and aesthetics are packaged in our exclusive floor mats - these eco-friendly coconut mats can be personalised with your logo, name or even themed. The personalisation can be further adapted by selecting extra colours and frame types. You can use these personalised floor mats to really set yourself apart from the masses and put a mark on your threshold and the whole wide variety of other people.

When you feel spacious, these floor mats are an awesome and special present for all your beloved ones...share the pleasure of being special, all in the convenience of your home that the on-line shop can offer!

Personalised door mats

If you are looking for a personalised floor mat for your home or as a present, you want to know that you are getting a premium product that adds value to your home. You can be assured that our personalised house mats and personalised coconut mats are just that, of high standard, well manufactured and of great attractiveness.

The majority of these custom made articles are 1.5 inch thick and are hand woven by coconut weaving mills in India. We then use our own print process to give the matt of your choosing your own individual touch. There are a number of different ways of personalizing our products, among them different kinds of monogrammed mats with different frames and even stylish metallic mats in silver, gold and bronze.

Personalised Coco door mats are rough coir door mats made of coir fibres and bearing your surname or company name.

Personalised Coco door mats are rough coir door mats made of coir fibres and bearing your surname or company name. Coco fibres work like hair brushes to scratch and wash footwear. Their name is coloured into the pad for long life, but these personalised coir mats stay insensitive to dust and humidity.

  • 1 " thick nap assists in trapping and holding contaminants under the tread to help keep contaminants from being traced inside. - Personalised coconut mats show your dedication to the enviroment, as these door mats consist of naturally occurring, recyclable ingredients. - Up to 15 signs (including numbers and letters) can be contained on these personalized mats.

* Please use the Logo statements field to specify all positioning, alignment and/or colour statements.

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